Tesla: Elon Musk wants to repair “as fast as F1”, but how?

Elon Musk delivers news of the renovation within the hour. In 2015, the entrepreneur hired Kenny Handkammer, a Formula One veteran whose mission at the company at the time was to “apply Formula One methods to revolutionize consumer vehicle service.” Two years later, he left Tesla to join Lucid Motors.

The project seemed to have been sidelined since then, but in recent months several sources have reported that the manufacturer is once again interested in the matter. According to Electrek, Elon Musk even announced last month that Tesla wants to launch this type of ultra-fast repair in the North American region.

Why Tesla is interested in repairs within the hour

In a July 23, 2022 tweet, Elon Musk suggests the project is on track: “Glad to be working with Tesla Service so they can offer repairs within the hour as often as possible! We are bringing technology from Formula 1 teams to Tesla.” However, at this stage, the exact strategy to achieve this remains in question.

Elon Musk simply said that he intends to expand his repair centers so that more repairs can be carried out at the same time, all of which will be attached to more specialized workshops. What specifically can mean, first of all, the rationalization or optimization of traditional maintenance procedures.

The Tesla boss, however, seems to be teasing a bigger revolution – even if it’s not clear at this stage what Elon Musk actually wants to add to this by referring to “Formula 1 tech.” We think about the lightning speed with which a Formula 1 team can replace, for example, racing car tires.

It is not uncommon for this repair to last less than 2 seconds. To do this, these teams need ultra-fast tools. But also a lot of talent, and be there in large numbers, which can represent a total of up to fifteen people. It is not certain that such a luxury of funds is truly financially sustainable for Tesla.

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But it is possible that Elon Musk has other ideas in mind: for example, robotizing at least partially certain frequent repairs like tire changes. Not even to integrate this goal of ultra-fast repair into the design of the next Tesla.

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