Tesla: end of sponsorship system announced in Europe

Since September 18, it is no longer possible to sponsor a future buyer. Tesla announced in a press release to end this initiative in France and in several European countries. “Starting September 18, 2021, and until further notice, we will no longer offer referral rewards in your region,” we read. As Numerama recalls, two and a half years ago, the manufacturer had already suspended its sponsorship program, which offered bonuses such as free recharge kilometers? or even reductions in other models.

Tesla has yet to clarify whether the disruption to its referral program was temporary, but it thanked its customers. “We want to thank all the faithful followers of Tesla, who help us every day to carry out our mission by sharing their enthusiasm for our brand with their loved ones,” insists the firm of Elon Musk, in its press release.

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It seems that Tesla wants to review its strategy in this area. Last May, Electrek indicated that the manufacturer was looking for a way to prevent owners from increasing sponsorship. During the first five months of the year 2021, the recharges offered to sponsors and sponsored would have reached the 23 million dollars paid. And until now, to benefit from these bonuses, it was enough simply to share a bond with your close relatives. The manufacturer would now seek a physical sponsorship, Advance MacGeneration.

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