Tesla Model S Plaid: Why You Shouldn’t Buy It!

Tesla Model S Plaid has many attractive qualities. Powerful acceleration, state-of-the-art technology, spacious interior and sporty design. With a starting price of €138,990, which is undeniably high, many people argue that the Plaid still offers incredible value for money given that it can outperform supercars.

However, as the American collector in charge of Vehicle Virgins, Parker Nirenstein, discovered, the car is not entirely flawless.

Before talking about the shortcomings of the Model S Plaid, Parker noted that it is by far the best Tesla car ever made, and arguably the best everyday car money can buy. He then spoke about his problems with the car. It’s a fantastic vehicle because it’s fast, practical and packed with technology. On the other hand, nothing is perfect and Plaid has a number of annoying issues that need to be addressed.

Moments to keep your attention

steering wheel clamp

Parker’s first topic is the Yoke steering wheel. While it is easy to use and provides a good highway ride, parking and navigating in tight spaces can be a real challenge with this steering wheel.

When you put your hand on the steering wheel as usual, you may find that there is nothing there. This can lead to you losing your steering wheel altogether. Also, if you have a tight steering angle, it will be difficult for you to turn the steering wheel.

Parker called it weird, and he’s not the first to make this kind of criticism; other critics also expressed similar sentiments.

Horn position

On top of that, the location of the horn is very inconvenient. It is not located in the middle of the steering wheel, but in the form of a small button in the upper right corner of the caliper. The middle of the steering wheel is reserved for gear shifting. During a sharp turn, you often run the risk of accidentally hitting it.


Another issue that Parker had to deal with was Plaid’s battery life. Although Tesla boasts that its cars can travel between 650 and 750 km (depending on the wheels chosen), the driver indicated that it averages between 250 and 300 km on a single charge.

Although he claimed to have always driven the car in Plaid mode, he felt that its actual range was not all that impressive.

driving control

In the same vein, he found many of the driving controls difficult to use. It is not possible to properly view the menu for learning different driving modes when the steering wheel is in the default position.

He thinks it would be great to have a separate lever that could immediately put the car into Plaid mode. Also, enabling launch control is a cumbersome process, as you first need to enable drag and drop mode, which can take two to ten minutes, and then enable the cheetah rack.

Too many similarities to the Tesla Model S?

Finally, Parker hates that the Model S Plaid looks so much like every other Model S.

He believes the facelift hasn’t changed much in the Model S. He thinks the Plaid is not much different from the forthcoming Model S Long Range.

Briefly about the Tesla Model S Plaid

  • Tesla Model S Plaid – the most powerful Tesla
  • It is currently the only Tesla Model S available for purchase in France.
  • Total originality: Yoke steering wheel
  • Endurance: 600 km WLTP
  • Power: 1020 HP
  • Autonomous driving
  • Deliveries are scheduled for the first quarter of 2023.

This electric car is pricey, but compared to performance, it’s a bargain! You can change it to the original steering wheel thanks to the many accessories available after the sale.

In addition, many manufacturers attacked this model because of its price. You can certainly have power with the style that interests you.

Autonomy and charging

The Tesla Model s Plaid has a 99 kWh battery pack. We therefore recommend the installation of an 11 kW charging station by a certified technician. He will know how to integrate this terminal into your garage so he can always travel or show the power of Plaid mode to your friends. You will restore 100% of your autonomy in 8 hours thanks to this terminal power. Enough, right?

The option with a reinforced socket does not seem relevant to us for a car of this category.

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