Tesla Model Y: The expected tidal wave hasn’t arrived in France

With the commercial launch of the Propulsion, we have already seen the Tesla Model Y destroy everything in its path in the electric vehicle market. Unless the first wave, expected at the end of 2022, is much weaker than one could imagine in France.

The launch in August 2022 of the Model Y Propulsion, which is cheaper than the similar Model 3, was supposed to strengthen the position of the Tesla SUV in the European market. Interest in this version of the Model Y for less than €50,000 immediately showed up with many buyers, but not everything went as planned for Tesla when we look at deliveries to France.

The first deliveries began in November. The model took the opportunity to break several sales records in several European countries, in particular in Norway. Except that after November, when Model Y dominated the rankings of French and European registrations, it’s not exactly the same in December.

In December, Model 3 doubles as Model Y again.

As the Model 3 and Model Y Propulsion roll off the assembly line at the Shanghai plant, they tend to be in the same boat when it comes to manufacturing or shipping issues. The situation is slightly different with the Model Y Grande Autonomie et Performance, which can be delivered from the Berlin plant with different production times.

The wave of shipments expected at the end of 2022 was primarily for the Model Y Propulsion, which we assumed would quickly dominate the brand’s shipments. Except that the Tesla Model 3 didn’t seem to have its last word:

Model Tesla Model YTesla 3Nov 20222 8912 809Dec 20222 4932 675Total 202211 89217 005Source: AAA data

It’s hard to judge the accumulation for 2022 just yet, as the Model Y started its career this year for Europe, and the Model 3 has already reached its cruising speed in terms of production. However, the last two months show that the Model Y is still not all won, despite the aggressive new commercial proposal.

Not so outright success in France

Elon Musk announced at a shareholder meeting that the Model Y will quickly become the brand’s bestseller. He also did everything to distract customers from the Model 3 and encourage them to fall in love with the Model Y. Apparently, France is still a bit reluctant, still favoring the Model 3 despite the fact that the price is much higher than last year, and even higher than the cost of an entry-level SUV.

If the Model Y hasn’t been the success the brand hoped for, especially in France, it’s because Tesla has faced many purchase order rejections. After being delivered to the dealership, several Model Y Propulsion models were put up for sale to find a new buyer. The company has gone so far as to offer options or provide discounts for getting rid of oversized vehicles in the car parks of the respective “Service Centers”. Even if the cars have found buyers, Tesla’s image as a leader is again a little tarnished.

New Midnight Cherry Red for Model Y // Source: Tesla

Tesla, in favoring the evolution of the Model Y over the Model 3, is probably making a strategic mistake. Another one when we take a closer look at Tesla’s stock price, which is plagued by Elon Musk’s Twitter antics. Over the next few months, we’ll quickly see if the American brand was right to bet on the Model Y. At the moment, its launch doesn’t seem to be as successful as the Model 3’s. It’s lost some of its hype. “over the years?

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