Tesla reaches one million vehicles

It’s now official: a dozen years after launching the marketing of its Roadster, the car manufacturer Tesla has just announced that it has passed the mark of one million vehicles manufactured, through the voice of its CEO Elon Musk. The latter posted on the social network Twitter the photo of a red Tesla model Y as well as a group photo of the workers of the Tesla factory responsible for its manufacture to announce the event to the world.

As a reminder, model Y will be Tesla’s fourth line of electric cars, after models S, X and model 3, which is cheaper, which made up most of its production and deliveries in the fourth profit report Tesla quarter. Tesla said it produced 17,933 Model S and X vehicles during the quarter and delivered 19,450. It produced 86,958 Model 3 vehicles and delivered 92,550. In all, the US automaker, including the financial valuation has literally exploded in recent months, delivered 367,500 vehicles for the whole year.

The Elon Musk firm now predicts that its deliveries will exceed 500,000 units in 2020 and that its production will even exceed orders thanks to the production of model 3 in Shanghai and the production of model Y in Fremont, California. Model Y production in Shanghai is scheduled for 2021. Tesla today assures that its production capacity for Models 3 and Y in Fremont is 400,000 units per year, while its Shanghai plant can produce 150,000 model cars. 3 per year.

An uncertain stock market situation

But the manufacturer does not intend to stop on such a good path. It is also developing new facilities in Berlin for the manufacture of electric cars models 3 and Y, which should start to be marketed in 2021. In great follower of the buzz, Elon Musk had suggested during the construction of its German infrastructure that Gigafactory of Berlin is expected to have a “mega rave cave” under the facility, with an “epic sound system and car-sized woofers”.

Elon Musk crossed the million Tesla mark produced a few hours after Tesla’s shares fell 13.6% to $ 608 per share, amid market concerns fueled by the announced increase in oil production by Saudi Arabia and Russia this week. The prospect of cheaper gasoline in the long run could dampen enthusiasm for electric vehicles in general. The other major concern that could hit Tesla is the impact of the Covid-19 virus on the Tesla plant in Shanghai, which the Chinese government has ordered to close for 10 days from January 29.

The fact remains that if Tesla has crossed the million mark of vehicles manufactured, the manufacturer remains far from the levels displayed by its competitors on the world markets. For comparison, the French manufacturer Renault produced in 2018 more than two million vehicles, according to figures from the Statista institute.


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