Tesla recalls a million cars for an unexpected reason

After Kia, Hyundai, Ferrari and Ford, it’s Tesla’s turn to launch a massive recall campaign for a surprising reason.

Car recalls happen very regularly. And it is not for nothing that sometimes it happens that new models are released a little prematurely, and individual details have not yet been finalized. In this case, the manufacturer contacts the owners so that they contact the dealership to fix the problem free of charge. But in some cases, recall campaigns also affect older models, as in the case of Ford, but also with Ferrari. But today it was the turn of another brand to face a small problem. This is Tesla, as explained by the American agency Reuters.

Window problem

Currently, only American customers seem to be concerned about this campaign, sponsored by the brand but requested by NHTSA, the equivalent of our road safety in the United States. The letter addressed to the firm does indicate that the windows no longer worked on some models. Specifically, a system that allows a window to not close with fingers has some problems. The entire line is affected, namely the Model S, Model 3, Model X and the most recent Model Y.

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Luckily, this issue is very easy to fix as a simple remote update is required. Interested customers will then receive an email dated November 15th to be able to correct the issue. For his part, Elon Musk emphasizes that he is not yet aware of the accident caused by this failure. Let’s hope that the problem is still quickly resolved for the owners!

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