Tesla recalls nearly 6,000 cars over potentially poorly screwed brake bolts

Electric vehicle maker Tesla has initiated a recall in the United States of nearly 6,000 cars to inspect and tighten, or even replace, bolts in brake calipers, according to documents released Wednesday.

The recall involves 5,974 vehicles, 2019-2021 Model 3s and 2020-2021 Model Ys.

“The bolts securing the brake calipers could loosen, the calipers could come off and come into contact with the rim of the wheel,” explains the document transmitted by Tesla to the American road safety agency (NHTSA).

This could then “cause a loss of tire pressure, thus increasing the risk of an accident,” adds the document dated 25 May.

Tesla points out that to his knowledge, this potential defect has not caused any accidents or injuries.

The group realized in December 2020 that a fastener was missing on a brake caliper of a 2021 Model Y and initiated an internal investigation to see if this could affect more cars. Tesla has since taken action on the assembly line to prevent this from happening again.


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