Tesla: Shanghai Gigafactory experiences no chip crisis

Despite the semiconductor crisis, Tesla manages to maintain an impressive production rate. Gigafactory Shanghai, in particular, makes electric cars without flex.

The Tesla factory in China is crucial to the brand’s sales. In particular this year when, pending the launch of the Gigafactory in Berlin, it ensures the production of the Model 3 and Model Y for Europe.

Tesla’s Chinese production has even risen further, as the last quarter of the year rolls around. The goal of the Elon Musk firm is to exceed a production of 300,000 cars in China alone during the first nine months of the year.

At the end of August, Tesla had 240,000 cars produced at the Shanghai plant, according to the China Manufacturers Association. The ultimate goal would be for the manufacturer to cross the 450,000 car milestone, in China alone.

An impressive figure, especially if we take into account the shortage of electronic chips that affects the market a lot. Tesla manages to be one of the manufacturers least affected by this industrial problem.

Elon Musk had explained the methodology for countering the token shortage, while putting his teams under pressure. In the second quarter, the American company delivered more than 200,000 cars worldwide and this figure is expected to improve further in the third quarter.

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