Tesla stops production at Gigafactory in Berlin and Shanghai to improve efficiency

Tesla has just announced that it will be phasing out production of its electric vehicles to boost momentum by revamping its assembly lines.

Tesla remains the undisputed market leader in electric vehicles. However, its production capacity is not yet sufficient to effectively respond to demand. In order to produce more, the American manufacturer has just announced that production of the Tesla Model Y and Model 3 at its factories in Berlin and Shanghai has been suspended. The purpose of this stop is simply to upgrade the assembly lines to make them more efficient.

Tesla will produce more Model Y and Model 3

Tesla just had a lackluster second quarter of 2022. Despite a new shipment record in June 2022, the US firm did not post more growth compared to the 1st quarter of this year. This situation is due, in particular, to the pandemic, as well as supply difficulties associated with the lack of components. Good news: The Gigafactory will benefit from important changes to increase production.

On July 11, 2022, Tesla announced the closure of the Gigafactory in Berlin, which produces the Tesla Model Y Performance, for a period of two weeks. The purpose of this production pause is to update the production lines.

Target 10,000 Tesla per week

Elon Musk notes that with these changes, he can increase production capacity from 1,000 cars a week to 10,000. In particular, this upgrade of production lines will allow each car to spend 30 seconds at each stage, compared to 3 minutes at present.

A shutdown of Model 3 and Model Y production is also planned at the Gigafactory in Shanghai. The industrial complex will indeed close for 20 days from July 18, 2022.

So Tesla should offer record production numbers in the third quarter of 2022 if all goes well. These changes also mean shorter delivery times in the coming months.

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