Tesla sues for breaking autopilot promises

Elon Musk is the kind of business leader who promises a lot: the conquest of Mars, a humanoid android like in science fiction films, super-fast transport tunnels, human-computer interaction only through thought, and a 100% autonomous car. It is clear that at this point, many of these predictions are still far from being transcribed in the real world. Yes, the hot Musk has made huge strides – PayPal, Tesla has become the electric car giant, SpaceX and its vertical landing rockets, Starlink – but in retrospect, other announcements seem completely unrealistic.

Musk’s outbursts sometimes even look like big blunders, such as Musk’s exit after the alleged takeover of Twitter, the Dogecoin promotion that leads to a huge lawsuit, or even “delusional” statements around the company: “Autopilot and autonomous car.” In that regard, the cup is full for Briggs Matzk, a San Francisco resident and Tesla driver who just sued Musk’s firm. Matsk alleges in its complaint that Autopilot has been largely oversold by Tesla, although the technology is still very much under development. The plaintiff also contends that Tesla has not clarified its business model: Basic Autopilot already costs $5,000 (and will have Autopilot in name only), and getting it still costs another $15,000. without flaws.

For Briggs Matzka, the claim that Tesla can drive without a driver is false advertising. And yet, Elon Musk would not hesitate to repeatedly hint at this. As for the taxi robots promised by Tesla, we are even further away from that… Elon Musk has already explained about these technical roll-outs that would be necessary for security reasons. But in such a case, if what is delivered is still far from what was promised, why take such a price?

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