Tesla Supercharger cables will soon get longer

Tesla has decided to increase the size of its supercharger cables. She announced this during the Investor Day on Wednesday. As Phonandroid explains, this choice was necessary as the American firm opened up its Supercharger network to other electric vehicles in 2022.

Owners of some of these models who want to use charging really run into a problem: the cable is too short.

Lots of obstructed vehicles

When Tesla owners want to charge their car, they park in reverse to easily connect the cable to the charger outlet. On Elon Musk models, this connector is located at the left rear of the car. But this is not the case for all competing models, such as the Rivan R1T, which has a front-mounted connector.

The rest are even more difficult. So those who own a Ford F150 Lightning should stick to the terminal to be able to plug in the power cable, Phonandroid points out. For others, the only solution will be to even park sideways, thus taking up two spaces. Tesla hasn’t revealed the length of the new cables at this time.

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