Tesla wants to remove videos of its cars hitting baby mannequins

Tesla is calling for the removal of videos of electric cars driving over baby mannequins with autopilot on. These videos question the safety of autonomous driving, full self-driving (FSD).

The reliability and safety of the Full Self-Driving (FSD) software that enables autonomous driving of electric vehicles has been a matter of controversy for some time now. While some Tesla fans demonstrate the reliability of self-driving with their own kids on the road, others want to prove that the software is not safe. In fact, YouTube has permanently removed videos featuring children, which is against the platform’s policy.

Tesla is about to crash into a baby-sized dummy. Photo: @RealDanODowd / Twitter.

An “anti-Tesla” group is sharing videos of Tesla crashing into child-sized dummies at a crosswalk with autonomous driving activated. They want to prove that Full Self-Driving is dangerous, but Tesla clearly does not look at these commercials with a kind eye.

Videos of electric cars crashing into baby mannequins are defamatory, Tesla said.

Therefore, Tesla asks to remove these videos. The automaker even sent a cease and desist letter to the Dawn Project. This is a Tesla anti-Tesla group led by software engineer Dan O’Dowd. According to Tesla, the videos shared by the group are slanderous.

These videos “demonstrate unsafe and inappropriate use of the FSD beta and active safety features,” “putting consumers at risk,” Tesla said in a letter. In one of the videos posted on Twitter, which you can see below, a driver activates self-driving on the street. The electric vehicle does not slow down when approaching a school crosswalk. She crashed into a child-sized dummy at over 38 km/h.

Therefore, Tesla refuses to distribute videos that demonstrate the shortcomings of autonomous driving of its electric vehicles. He, however, did not react in any way to videos with real children on the road. Even if it had already been removed, Tesla ignored the video when even the NHTSA, which is responsible for traffic safety in the United States, issued a warning.

In response to the cease and desist letter, Dan O’Dowd poked fun at Tesla and Elon Musk, calling him “a crying baby hiding behind his lawyer’s skirt”. The debate about the safety of Tesla’s full autonomous driving isn’t over. The automaker was even recently accused of falsely advertising autopilot and autonomous driving by the California Department of Motor Vehicles.

Source: Edge

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