Tesla: When Service Turns into a Nightmare and Leads to Hunger Strikes

Equipment news Tesla: When Service Turns into a Nightmare and Leads to Hunger Strikes

Published on 05/09/2022 at 16:40

A temporary problem or a real planetary scandal? Many Tesla car owners are tearing their hair out because of the incompetence of the after-sales service, the famous after-sales service. To the point that some even went on a hunger strike to be heard. But what’s going on in Tesla dealership hell?

Tesla sells a lot (too many?) of cars but doesn’t have the ability to repair them.

Here is a new controversy, without which the cranky Elon Musk would probably do without … If Norway is one of the countries where the inhabitants are the happiest in the world, then this is also the country where the largest number of Teslas per capita. all over the planet!

As a result, it is a particularly watched market that benefits from weight and significant voice in the sector. There are more than anywhere else, since the number of cars per inhabitant is higher than anywhere else, there are a lot of recurring complaints about the aftermarket brand (SAV).

Discussed? Poor customer service at best, total absence at worst. Many owners who have been involved in breakdowns or accidents have reported their concerns to consumer associations or social media.

And if the recurring problems reported by customers end up being quite common among the problems found in the rest of the automotive industry (cabin leaks, body scratches, flat tires or lack of power), you need to add all the problems related to electrical and Autonomous vehicles, namely doors that won’t open in very cold weather (recurring in Norway), battery issues that reduce autonomy, overheating seats, autopilot failure, or the control screen turning off without warning. In short, a hell of a mess that today found the culprit: after sales service.

Norway goes on hunger strike to force Tesla and Elon Musk to react

This is a US site
who a few days ago got to the bottom of the case by linking several thousand complaints filed by American owners to the famed Federal Tracking Commission (FTC) and in connection with an investigation by JD Power of 84,165 new car buyers of all brands.

From this survey, it appeared that Tesla, with an incidence rate of 226 per 1,000 vehicles, is at the top of the market. To make matters worse, in another survey, this time in Europe, of 52,430 motorists who needed to contact their aftersales service, we learned that with less than 60% satisfaction, Tesla has the lowest score of any market brand.

The problem is actually that Tesla is selling a lot of cars very quickly, but behind that there is clearly not enough authorized repair centers capable of servicing the cars. When some owners sometimes have to drive hundreds of miles to find a center, garages are full and waiting times for a simple part to be replaced can be weeks or even months… And again, when they can’t find their car with dead rats in the trunk, or problems that didn’t exist before…

That’s how our dear and brave Norwegian friends, having tried everything to be heard, reaching the point that they organized “HELP” with their cars, decided to move forward, starting a hunger strike … Nothing, just that.

Target ? Attract the attention of Elon Musk and Tesla to finally sort out the problem.

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