TeslaSafe’s Proven Method to Protect Your Cryptos






What is TeslaSafe?
TeslaSafe is a frictionless, high yielding cryptocurrency with auto-deflation, much like bitcoin on Binance’s smart channel. A 14% transaction fee rewards cardholders and another mechanism will burn 40% of the contract. It is a token that could potentially 10x, 100x and even 1000x in the near future with the most tokenomics advanced created.

Renewable energy
Like bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, the renewable tokenomics in the long run, it is reflected in one of TeslaSafe’s core values. Based on this, the protocol makers intend to execute the Renewable Vision through new ideas and help from the community. Our marketing is the engine of our community and our community is the engine of our marketing.

Binance Smart Channel
TeslaSafe is powered by the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). This blockchain network works in parallel with the binance chain. The speed and low fees of this specific blockchain provide our community with additional interoperability and accessibility to facilitate investments through MetaMask and other wallets.

Like other cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin, TeslaSafe also aims to create strong buying pressure through deflationary measures. TeslaSafe’s strong profitability is supported by the 14% tax on all transactions. 7% of this tax it is also redistributed to the community, in proportion to the tokens it owns. This system encourages our community of HODLers by offering strong price support.

The other 7%
The remaining 7% is transferred as liquidity provider tokens to the PancakeSwap (LP) liquidity pool. This will be a cold 50/50 split for the BNB contract while the other half of the tokens TeslaSafe pairs automatically with the aforementioned BNB as an LP on Pancakswap.

presale party

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