Tessa (age 12) and Lizzie (age 10) die in a dramatic fire in Bize: the fire is said to have been started by their parents growing cannabis…

In the village of Bizet, April 2 will remain one of the darkest days in the memory of the inhabitants. On that day, the house on Duribre Street was engulfed in flames. Outside, panicked neighbors inform residents that a fire has broken out upstairs. The couple and three children managed to get out of the fire, but the smoke had already spread through the first floor, as well as into the attic, where Lizzy and Tessa, two girls aged 10 and 12, were located. Firefighters will find two small bodies among the rubble.

At this point, the source of the disaster reported a faulty electrical wiring in this house on the verge of ill health.

►► A few weeks later, tongues loosen and another truth seems to be revealed.

►► Next door is an amazement, even if we feared that such a tragedy would one day happen.


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