Test Elgato HD60S +, excellence and simplicity

Need to equip yourself to record the memorable moments of your sessions? To easily retrieve them on your computer to continue with the editing? And all without taking the head with a thousand and one adjustments and settings? Therefore the Elgato HD60S + is the capture box that has been designed for you. Rarely have I been able to take so many clips, and in 1080p60 quality please, and then retrieve and edit them. Ideal for videographers, whether they are amateurs or professionals. And I come back to it in detail, in this test of Elgato HD60S +.

The key words: plug and play.

In its packaging, the HD60S + does not pay a priori no mine. A simple little pebble, very light, sober and elegant. Connections are the infancy of art, since with 2 HDMI 2.0 cables (1 of which is supplied), it is found between the screen and the Series X while a USB 3.0 cable will supply power to the box and retrieve images from the computer. To avoid spoiling anything, the device connected to the PC will be recognized and installed automatically. The user is in the comfort absolute.

The comfort continues with “4K Capture Utility”, the dedicated program that lets you capture your sessions. Indeed, the settings are intuitive and make it very easy to select the quality (max 1080p 60 fps for this box), adjust the image (brightness, contrast, etc.) etc. With a simple click, the recording can be started and stopped, your extract is then found instantly in the software library and directly playable. I admit having done it for my first tests for verification … And then in front of the quality of the rendering, I quickly gained confidence and chained without batting an eyelid the takes.

Ideal for a result of constant quality.

FYI, I am an amateur videographer and I host a YouTube channel dedicated to walkthroughs (here). Previously, my captures were taken directly on One X or Series X, supposed to be in 1080p but not always constant, sometimes with artefacts and especially limited to 30 fps. And I had to wait to retrieve them on Xbox Live after a few hours or via an HDD plugged into the console immediately, of course, but with (de) connection operations. Suffice to say that the process was absolutely not practical nor far from immediate, not to mention the rendering, not very beautiful. But that was before.

Now, with the HD60S + connected to my Series X, I can recover the sequences that interest me instantly and with constant optimal quality, in 1080p60. But not only, a screenshot function is available at all times. Convenient. In addition, apart from recording, a “flashback” function allows you to keep in the background up to 4 hours (!) Of the current session then to recover from the desired point the desired gameplay part. And all while maintaining flawless quality. For example, I had a rather auspicious and furious endgame on PUBG, so I took the last 6 minutes and here is the result: here. With all these features so easy to use and making a result so good, I was able to manufacture guides of better quality, longer and therefore more daring.

For example, I made guides for the chapters of Call of the Sea, a game whose puzzles require explanations and a little time (demonstration with chapter 4). Likewise with Gears 5 and its Exterminators extension, with collectible from chapter 4. Finally, for this test, I took some extracts fromAssassin’s Creed Valhalla (extract) or State of Decay 2 (extract). Finally, the signal from the acquisition unit is perfectly recoverable on software such as OBS for streaming, your microphone is even recognized and your voice embedded in your recording.


The Elgato HD60S + is an ideal capture device, whether you are a pro or a beginner. Easy to install, use and complete, it allows you to capture your sessions in constant quality up to 1080p and 60fps. And even to catch up with the “flashback” and recover up to 4 hours of your exploits! Devil side, there is a before and an after. I can no longer do without it to make my guides. Essential.

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