Test: F1 2022 special cuvée

Available on Xbox One, Xbox Series, PS4, PS5 and PC and compatible with the most popular VR headsets for players who love this immersive experience. Is this episode worth it?

F1 edition 2022 changes

The game is still the same beautiful, nervous, fast, and the cars and tracks are very pleasing to the eye. Attention Ultimate fans, we don’t know if there will be more updates, but even if all the cars are different, we can see in detail that they all start with a common model to keep the specifics down, but some of them are missing. We cross our fingers.

Second little detail: F3 is still missing and F2 is still 2021 but that will be updated later. All tracks of the season are present at the exit.

The My Team mode continues to expand and allows you to manage all the details of your career as well as car customization, it’s well done even if it’s nothing new and if the solo mode allows you to play 10 seasons in a row you might as well decide not to take care of your team if you want to drive more.

Test: F1 2022 special cuvée

But still resentment

Artificial intelligence has evolved to be able to create safety car situations on its own and without your participation, but this AI does not offer the same enjoyment of collisions as another driver could. He can follow you side by side on a parabolic without touching you, which is good, but he remains the main one, and the main speaker of the race is you, nothing interesting happens without you.

On the other hand, the adaptive part in its setup works well and makes it easier to set up the latter during the first races, after which we will set up his challenge or even at the end. C’mon, there’s still a long way to go because the single player mode is still unsatisfactory, but at least things are going in the right direction, thanks to Codemasters.

The new My Life F1/Ma Vie F1 mode is more amazing with its supercars to be unlocked, clothes, accessories, timer, drift (terrible) with cars that seem very awkward between two F1 races and whose physics engine doesn’t really know what to do . do with it, it’s very dry. You can also customize furniture in your lobby, we are still looking into the usefulness of this mode.

F1 2022 first year with EA successful

Support for VR headsets (not tested here), improved AI, brand new cars, flawless production, no F1 fans will be too disappointed, the results are positive. There are still things that are necessary for advancement success (AI, interest in solo mode).

EA’s appearance on the budget, if it raises fears of the worst, such as microtransaction abuse, which didn’t happen even if they exist, could allow Codemasters to get past six to finally complete an episode that climbs a real step with just one year between two titles.

The task is not easy, one year is not enough, but meanwhile it is a good harvest that pleases.

Liked Karadisiac

  • The game is beautiful, fast and nerve-wracking on PS5, Xbox Series X and PC
  • There is immersion and reflexes need to be honed
  • The game comes out at the beginning of the season despite the new cars
  • F2 2021 will transition to the 2022 version within a year (similar to the previous episode).
  • Local split screen to play together in front of the screen
  • AI is still moving in the right direction

Didn’t like Karadisiac

  • What are supercars doing in F1 game?
  • AI not ready yet (soon?)
  • Useless F1 Life Mode
  • Still no F3

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