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According to Square Enix, this new version of NieR Replicant is considered an update to the original game from 2010, which at the time was only released in Japan for PlayStation 3.

In the European and American market, the game was released under the name of NieR, and it was the version that in Japan was called NieR Gestalt, whose main difference for NieR Replicant was the main character.

So stay with our review of this NieR Replicant remaster.

Of course, to call this game an “update” is to be modest. In reality, we are facing a complete overhaul, since the models have been retouched, the resolution has been increased, the use of high resolution textures, performance increased from 30 to 60 fps, improved animations and of course, localization for other languages.

How it all started ...

NieR Replicant begins in a mysterious way, in 2049, in the ruins of a city, in what appears to be a post-war world, where our character and his sister Yonah are attacked by translucent, yellow-colored monsters, nicknamed "Shadows".

After a brief struggle against "shadows", the game takes us back to 1312 years in the future, where our character and her sister live in a small medieval-looking village.

Our character is committed to finding a cure for her sister Yonah, who suffers from a rare disease called Black Scrawl.

Yonah discovers the healing powers of a rare plant and decides to travel alone to an ancient temple which, unfortunately for her, is infested with "shadows".

Determined to save his sister from the "shadows", our character stumbles upon a special book that helps him save his sister, Grimoire Weiss, who not only manages to communicate with humans but possesses magical powers.

From there, Grimoire Weiss and our character decide to look for the Sealed Verses, which are spreading throughout the region in the form of rare and stronger than normal “shadows”, in the hope that these verses will help you discover the remedy for disease. sister.

The story is interesting, although it was a bit confusing at first, the characters we meet are also interesting and full of mysteries to unravel which leads us to explore the different places in this region.

NieR Replicant, is a third person action RPG developed by Toylogic. The gameplay is undoubtedly the strong point of the game, namely the combat, which offers several possible combinations between the different weapons for melee attacks and the magical powers of the Weiss Grimoire.

Combat has a fast but weak attack mechanic and a slower but stronger attack, allowing combinations between these types of attacks.

In addition to these combinations, there are the magical attacks from the book, ranging from simple energy balls to arms with huge claws, or even protective barriers. Grimoire Weiss skills will be unlocked as we progress through the game.

It is also possible to add "words" to our weapons and to Grimoire Weiss. These words allow you to assign specific bonuses, such as + 30% physical damage, or reduce the energy cost of book abilities.

We can play exclusively the main story mission, which is always marked on the map with a red cross to guide us to the next objective. But of course, throughout this journey we will have side missions that we can complete in exchange for experience, materials or gold.

These missions are the classic of any game of the genre, i.e. kill a certain enemy in the area, pick up a series of materials, explore an area, etc.

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The leveling is quite basic, i.e. there are no skill trees to choose new powers or to increase a certain parameter such as strength or dexterity, like this is normal in the genre. Here simply with each level that we go up we get stronger and the life bar of our character and the energy of Grimoire Weiss is growing.

Graphically the game will not surprise you, but considering that we are talking about a remaster of a game from 2010, then it can be said that it is quite competent. The models have been virtually all retouched and improved, the weakest part being the facial animations, which are almost identical to say the same as the previous version, which until 2010 was nothing special anymore.

The textures have also all been changed to high resolution textures, and other special effects have also been added, such as light and particle effects that would be impossible on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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In terms of performance, the game is flawless and runs at a steady 60fps on Xbox One X, in 1440p resolution. Which helps a lot in frantic battles against dozens of enemies at the same time.

NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139 ...

NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139 ...


  • Addictive combat
  • Interesting story

The inconvenients

  • Ordinary secondary missions
  • Facial animations

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