Test: No, Outriders is ultimately not the predicted disaster

Available since 1er April on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series and PC, Outriders is not unanimous. However, controller in hand, he gave us a good time.

We’re not going to hide it, the start of 2021 is not going as we would have hoped… In this spring, on the video game side, we would have liked to be playing Gran Turismo 7, at Horizon Forbidden West or in Kena: Bridge of Spirits. Instead, we end up with very few new games to chew on. Worse, we learn that it may take a year for the PS5 and Xbox Series X to become widespread and finally in stock in stores …

A complicated launch

In this period of video game shortage, this 1er April was marked by the release of Outriders, a blockbuster developed by the Poles of People Can Fly (Gears of War: Judgment and Bulletstorm) and published by Square Enix. It is also one of the first times that an AAA, not developed by a Microsoft studio, integrates “Day One” into the Xbox Game Pass.

The release of Outriders didn’t really make much noise. However, since the end of February, a long demo of several hours is available for free on most platforms to allow players to get a feel for the game. Square Enix’s intention is commendable. Unfortunately, this demo didn’t really convince players. Worse, the first few days after the game’s release were marred by big server issues and for many hours it was simply impossible to play Outriders, even solo. We saw better as a launch …

A rather unoriginal looter-shooter

Within days of release, those issues were fixed and we were finally able to experience (and enjoy) Outriders. Finally, we even had a good time, far from the disaster announced. But first, let’s do the introductions. Outriders is a third person shooter (TPS) game with lots of loot, lots of loot, and RPG elements. In a world of science fiction and the end of the world, you play as an Outrider on the discovery of a hostile planet in the hope of saving humanity. Frankly, we have seen better in terms of script.

More annoying, Outriders struggles to impose its paw and style. Controller in hand, it is reminiscent of many other games like Destiny, The Division or even Anthem. Even in its artistic direction, Outriders can’t seem to stand out and hit the mark. The game does not invent anything and smacks of déjà vu. The pattern is hyper-repetitive: we leave the camp, we walk a little in a corridor (Outriders is not an open world), we face waves of enemies, a boss, then we return to the camp. During the game, we collect a maximum of loot, on enemies or in chests. Result: we go back and forth constantly in the inventory to always have the best equipment on you. These are the three weapons but also all the equipment of your character, from the helmet to the shoes.

Good surprise on the gameplay side!

Seen like this, you might be wondering why Outriders is worth playing. First of all, the game is visually very pretty. We played it on Xbox Series X and graphically Outriders is really clean and successful. In addition, the new-gen versions of the game are perfectly optimized with almost zero loading times.

The gameplay is also very nice. The demo could suggest that Outriders would be a Gears of Wars clone. Ultimately, it is not. There are a lot of good ideas and possibilities. In addition to dozens and dozens of different weapons, you can equip your character with three powers, which are unlocked over the levels and which depend on the class you have chosen at the start.

Although they lack variety, the fights are intense and very nervous. They ask to juggle cover, dodge, attack and different powers that need to recharge. It’s both nag and tactical. Finally, it’s very pleasant to play and it is really possible to build a “perfect” character according to your tastes and the way you play.

A solid lifespan, solo and co-op

Outriders also has the merit of being accessible to everyone, really everyone. While the game is designed to be played in online co-op with up to three players, it is also fully playable solo, without being disabling or boring. The only condition is to always be connected to the game’s servers, even when playing alone. Same thing on the side of the difficulty: Outriders shines by its accessibility. The level can be changed at any time. The game offers a tough challenge for experienced players and an adventure accessible to Sunday players, not really used to this kind of game.

Finally, Outriders offers a rather solid lifespan. It took us a little over 15 hours of play to get to the end credits, in a straight line and bypassing the many side and optional missions. Once the adventure is over, players can still continue to multiply expeditions and improve their character with the loot collected.

Our verdict

Rather pretty on new-gen consoles, endowed with a solid lifespan, accessible to all players in solo as in multi, Outriders is ultimately a good entertainment and an excellent release. Even if it lacks that bit of originality and ingenuity to hit the mark, there is still a good little game that deserves the detour (especially for players subscribed to Xbox Game Pass) and which will keep you occupied for a good ten days. hours. In this period of video game shortage, we do not spit on it! 3.5 / 5

Discover the launch trailer:

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