Test of the Eufy RoboVac L70 Hybrid robot vacuum cleaner: Easy and very smart cleaning

Best known for its excellent wireless camera kits with an autonomy of 365 days, Eufy also works in the connected home and more particularly in robot vacuum cleaners. So quite frankly, I did not know what the Eufy ribit range was worth before taking this robot in hand. If you are in the same situation as me, this test will therefore allow you to determine the quality and level of service offered by the brand’s cleaning robots.

At first glance and on paper, the robot really promises a lot. Powerful 2200 Pa suction, 2h30 of autonomy, Laser navigation, AI Map and real-time mapping. Washing option via mop… In short, there are some interesting things, so let’s see in detail if all these promises are fulfilled.

Robovac L70: Obstacle detection, Artificial intelligence and live mapping

Septic at the beginning, I quickly saw that indeed, the laser allows the robot to identify obstacles, scan the environment and learn from it to optimize its cleaning. It is this small round hatch that protrudes from the top of the robot which constantly rotates 360 ° in order to scan the environment as the robot moves. Result the robot never bumps, avoids all obstacles and turns around them smoothly. Even the rabbit who loves to take a nap under the sofa is not disturbed by the robot. The vacuum cleaner detects it and bypasses it without jostling it, without even waking it up! Quite impressive indeed, this iPath Laser technology is truly effective.

Suction power at the rendezvous.

2200 Pa at the highest of what the robot is capable of, associated with two rotating brushes, a first with 3 brushes to collect dust in the corners and more generally direct it towards the second central brush which with the suction power, sends everything that passes in front of it directly to the bottom of the bin.

The charging station is classic, has a large infrared band so that the robot can easily identify it. Equipped with non-slip pads perfect for a good hold on parquet or tiles, a transparent plastic apron is also delivered with for a perfect hold if the robot has to park on a carpet or carpet.

The 0.45L container is easily accessible by lifting the robot cover. This tank is hybrid, it allows to store dirt in its lower part and cleaning liquid in its upper part.

Equipped with a large IPA filter and a brush integrated into the tank. Very practical for cleaning the filter and the attachment on the tank even more practical to avoid losing it … The filter can be removed very simply for an equally simple cleaning under the tap since the latter is washable.

Very often robot vacuum cleaners with washing option have an independent tank for the liquid. On the L70 everything happens in the same place. The liquid therefore comes above the dust, in one and the same container of sufficient capacity.

EufyHome the Robovac L70 control center

No remote control for this ultra-connected robot vacuum cleaner. Rather than a remote control which, it must be admitted is more accessory with this type of robot, Eufy has bet on the mobile application with a well-made application, simple to use and rich in possibilities.

Available on Apple as well as on Android, the application requires the creation of an account as for any connected object. The EufyHome application allows you to manage the brand’s connected robot vacuum cleaners, but also several other connected home access products. Once installed, simply choose the type of product to add, here a vacuum cleaner.

It is then necessary to select the reference of the vacuum cleaner and to inform it the wifi code of the house. I would like to take this opportunity to remind you of the importance of creating a wifi network dedicated to your connected objects for more security. There are several types of devices that now allow it such as Orbi, Unifi or eero.

It’s done, you are already ready to use your vacuum cleaner with ease.

It is possible to start it from its button on the hood, or from the mobile application.

The first passage carries out an environmental analysis work, then a mapping of the latter.

The powerful analysis system allows the robot to detect the slightest obstacle and avoid it without colliding with it. There was only one way I managed to get the robot to jam. Indeed, only the clothes dryer which has feet which are flat tubes and therefore too low for the robot’s sensors.

Once the first mapping is done, it is then possible to move on to the robot’s more interesting options. For example, you can indicate an area that should never be cleaned. In my case, I indicate the area around the fireplace where the clothes dryers are most often.

In this way, it is possible to solve my problem so that the robot no longer gets stuck and more generally, allows you to isolate certain areas that you would like to exclude.

Zone cleaning

An interesting function proposes to perform the cleaning of a very precise area. To request cleaning of a particular area and only that area, you must request it via the Area cleaning option at the bottom left of the application.

Then define the area on the map and the robot will run. You can then see its progress live on the map, its extremely efficient location in space allows it to move precisely in the selected area and avoid the various obstacles for a complete and meticulous cleaning of the area.

Very meticulous since the robot does not just make a simple passage but performs a cross passage. Once finished, you are then certain that the area in question is perfectly clean and the robot returns to its charging station.

Among the various menus available, it is also possible to browse the history of previous passages with a very detailed description both on the treated area as well as the complete route of the robot and the cleaning time.

Finally, as mentioned in the preamble, this robot does not have a remote control. Everything happens from the mobile app for on-demand cleanings, but scheduling is still the best way to forget it. All you have to do is program a weekday visit for hours when you are not at home, or simply telework in another room and the robot will then act in complete transparency to vacuum or wash the house.

The L70 and its washing mode

Washing precisely. We have already had to test several robot vacuum cleaners equipped with this function. Let it be said, a robot vacuum cleaner known as a “washer” will never replace a good blow of mop or steam mop … However, this has the advantage of depositing a small wet film on the surface of the floor and therefore cleaning when even. As far as I’m concerned, I add a little soil product to the tank. Failing to clean thoroughly, the robot disperses product over the entire floor leaving behind a good smell of clean.

However, consider that this robot offers liquid flow management. Something that I had not yet seen on other models. In fact, we can still say that its washing function is more efficient than others.

As we have seen above, the tank is 2 in 1. It allows both to retain dirt, but also to contain the cleaning product, a fairly practical mode.

The mop module is connected to it with a simple click above the robot. However, I note a better compared to other robots which have this washing function, in particular on parquet floors or others tended to continue to impregnate the mop once the robot is in charge. The purpose of this was to generate a stagnation of water that was a little too great for parquet and therefore never good for laminate parquet in the long run. As this robot is equipped with a smart pump and nozzle, I did not notice this phenomenon.

Finally, the details of the different menus, manual control is also available. The latter can be useful for pointing the robot at a very specific area, and again, the area cleaning mode is much more interesting for that, so an option that exists, but not necessarily useful. Finally, as for your car which has well-defined maintenance cycles, this robot embeds maintenance counters for the different components that compose it and that we love. At any time, you can know the state of wear or clogging of certain parts of the robot and act accordingly.

An excellent idea from Eufy to have added this notion of monitoring to its application!

Conclusion and general opinion of this robot

A very powerful vacuum cleaner robot, which demonstrates the major advance offered by this laser mapping to robots, giving them a certain ease and above all a much better analysis of the environment and this is reflected in its movements and its optimization of passages. Overall this Eufy L70 robot is a great success, efficient and discreet. Marketed at a price of 499 €. A price that places it in the price range of high-end vacuum cleaners, which it is, it is therefore a quite justified price. Until now, I have mostly known Eufy for its stand-alone cameras with this extraordinary 365-day autonomy. Proof of this is with this robot that the brand also excels in this other range for the connected home.

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A frankly very efficient and intelligent robot that cleans every nook and cranny of the house without getting stuck or bumping into obstacles.

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