Test Scott Pilgrim against the World: the game Complete Edition Always watch out for exes!

Scott Pilgrim the game is back!

Scott Pilgrim against the World: the game is a classic beat them all, taking up the original pitch of the comics. Scott has fallen madly in love with Ramona, no doubt about it, she is the girl of his dreams and there will be no other! Only small problem, to win the heart of the beautiful, he will have to face the 7 ex-boyfriends of his sweetheart!

So here you go for 7 levels of an old beat them all of families chaining fights as crazy as each other, and cheerfully drawing its references in the world of manga and video games.

Scott Pilgrim’s 8-bit aesthetic back then was pretty quirky, now it’s drowning in the flood of big pixel indie games. The solid areas of color, the retro look with its technical random effects and its retro music smelling good granny’s chiptune still work as much without the aftertaste of mothballs sprinkled with formalin. The cachet is certain and overall very successful, especially since the retro references rain as much as the nudges and heels in the gums. From Mario to Final Fantasy, via a bit of Akira, the informed player and fan of pop culture can not help but list, one by one, all the winks present in the game. Scott Pilgrim Xbox version One lost the few slowdowns that could appear in some parts of the game at the time. So much the better because the game remains very endearing from the first levels by its personality, so that we could almost forgive its faults.

Beat generation

And hop, an ex-ex!

Don’t look for an ounce of originality other than visual in Scott Pilgrim; it only offers an old-fashioned beat them all with its panoply of unblockable blows over the experience gained and the number of punches in the mouth distributed. This little RPG side is the only contemporary concession that we can find. But it is not all about experience.

The complete edition of Scott Pilgrim integrates the few DLC released at the time and in particular the characters of Knives Chau and Wallace. Which offers a total of six characters to choose from (no big difference) and three difficulty levels. The latter is quite steep from the start and whatever the chosen level, but it will be much less as the adventure progresses when you have accumulated enough money to increase your five basic characteristics: your life points, your strength, defense, willpower (to perform special moves and get out of knockout once) and speed.

The slapping machine in action!

You will increase these characteristics by buying food or objects in the various stores scattered throughout the levels, with a bug in this “complete” version which prevents you from seeing the effects of food before you have bought it. Some stores will be to discover in the decor of the levels and are part of the small panel of game secrets, unfortunately very few to motivate their research and significantly enrich the game.

The levels are linked thereafter without downtime or real surprise. Aside from encounters with bosses and mini bosses, the levels are desperately flat and only the backgrounds will brighten up your journey. And it’s not the profusion of usable weapons that will change much.

Let’s go conquer Ramona’s heart!

I do not know what to choose …

Or almost. Whether you like Scott Pilgrim’s aesthetics or not, you can’t take away its very special cachet. We would only have liked him to be as crazy in situation as the comic strip, that he manages to cut the daily grind of daddy’s beat them all by infusing a real rhythm, a real madness. The comic strip is completely crazy but unfortunately the game never manages to distill this madness in its rhythm and its staging. We chain battles against waves of enemies following a roaring routine from start to finish. Cooperative play, up to 4 players simultaneously, becomes more intense and fun. It’s always fun to share slaps with friends, a beer on the low cabinet in front of the TV and a cooling pizza within reach. Co-op play offers new gameplay possibilities such as being able to perform duo combos or steal the life of his or her companions.

Old school secret level with lots of flying pigs in it!

Despite the years and at the risk of getting hit again, I find Scott Pilgrim’s chiptunes music far from being successful. But hey, tastes and colors are indisputable and nothing forces us to let them scratch our ears. As at the time, I turn my slapping machine towards the longest credits ever encountered in a video game. Ten minutes shows in hand, and we can’t even shorten them. A horror that still makes me ruffle the hairs on my hairy back today.

The full edition brings some bonus game modes from the DLC: boss extermination (a boss rush of families), survival horror (survive as long as possible to waves of the living dead), battle royal (to play with friends ) and ball to the prisoner (hit the opponents with a ball, I admit that the interest of this last mode escapes me completely). There is no risk of spending time on it, and fortunately, no success is linked to them. Finally, a small clarification, the 360 ​​game saves saved in the cloud, are not recognized.

The test was done on Xbox One Fat and Xbox One X.

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