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Announced in June 2020 on PlayStation Future of Gaming, Stray is available July 19 on PC and consoles. Published by Annapurna Interactive and developed by BlueTwelve Studio, this cat infiltration game has been talked about since the first hours. And I quickly realized why!

Therefore, we embody a stray cat in his adventures in a forgotten cyber city. The unlikely encounter with the B12 drone allows us to learn more about the history of this divided city and, in particular, the reasons that led people to create it. A chilling past that seems to be far behind us as our four-legged protagonist is clearly from out of town! In addition to learning about the city’s origins, we will also learn about the robots that inhabit it, as well as the B12 robots. In the form of memories, the past of this mysterious place for a cat is revealed to us. They are yet to be found!
It is also useful to talk to the townspeople. Between Easter eggs and useful information, they have a lot to tell. We allow ourselves to be carried away by their narratives, consumed by some stories. And it’s very nice!

  • Original soundtrack and art direction,

I was stunned by the beauty of the universe. Stray makes good on its promise with amazing artwork. Colorful centers that contrast with very dark and dove-gray studies, a bit of no man’s land. These environments are more than pleasant to spend time in (except when there are Zurks! Run!).
The lighting effects are dazzling, I want more. For a first game, BlueTwelve Studio is doing great. Each place has its own atmosphere, which is influenced by the music of that place, as well as the color it gives off. The association of these two particularly struck me when I explored the sewers or even the prison. A heavy atmosphere where we feel the stress that a small animal can have in these conditions. You will very quickly feel confident or, conversely, in danger, by simply changing colors or tones. Which, for its part, completely immersed me in a cat’s skin.

  • Satisfactory gameplay

From the first minutes I am pleased with the smoothness of movements, the jumps are especially intuitive. We are really in the shoes of a cat, the movements are very airy. And we are very quickly taken over by jumping fever, which forces us to climb every obstacle that comes our way. Climb to the top, looking for a passage among air conditioners and pipes going from one roof to another. Evolution proceeds smoothly, and eventually we lose the main purpose of the study.
How can we talk about research without talking about B12, our ally in this adventure. This one not only tells us his memories, he allows us to understand the robots above all. It is also equipped with inventory and a flashlight, very useful in certain conditions. This incredible duet is only getting cuter. And to see how they complement each other is amazing.
There are also some cat habits, namely scratching everywhere or keeping his head in a bag (too curious, you say?). The Tramp mimics the behavior of our feline friends very closely and enjoys turning things over with his paws. Or to communicate with a friendly presence that makes us feel good.
And above all, above all! We have the key to meow to infinity!! This little detail has its own charm, I enjoyed disturbing some of the main characters with my little meow.

Stray is a very good game for penetration/exploration, but also for contemplation. Count 5-6 hours to complete it, exploring every corner and discovering all the hidden details, versus 2 hours in a speed run. It’s a relatively short game for some, but the quality definitely outweighs the quantity. For 27 euros on Steam, this is what I need. I didn’t expect anything special and finally I was won over by my experience. Personally, I’m going to restart it immediately in order to complete the successes that have passed to me with the mustache of execution.

We liked:

  • Cat !!!
  • Careful art direction
  • Story
  • Smoothness of movement
  • Satisfaction in evolution
  • There are more questions at the end of the game than at the beginning

We liked less:

  • Simplicity of puzzles (but let’s not forget that we are playing cat)

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