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Posted on Monday, October 17, 2022 at 12:00:00 PM by Mohammed Yassin Azzuzi

Plant with a stick…

I love winter, it’s a beautiful time of the year, albeit harsh, which offers us amazing landscapes. Who has never been struck by the snowy landscapes of the Alps or the Pyrenees? Festive Christmas markets or evenings by the fire, with family or friends, tasting chestnuts grilled over wood?

Winter is also another face of the sport, and it is there that two types of athletes are revealed: those who skim the slopes and ice, and those who compete on consoles and PC, Mario and Sonic or the Winter Games. And it is the latter that we will talk about today, Cedric has already had to defend his title several times at home, at the 2023 Winter Games.

Lucky you are entitled today to a great analysis of the current champion of the site, on this game in the future … slippery?

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