Test Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty (Xbox Series X) —

The Han Dynasty was one of the most important and enduring dynasties in China. She ruled for about 400 years, from 206 BC. before 220 AD During this period, many important events shaped the history and culture of the region. However, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty presents an alternate version of the end of this period, adding various creatures and demons. In a mystical land, the Queen Kingdom is trying to win a war that has been going on for decades, with four kingdoms fighting. The Time King discovers the source of true power, called the Elixir, and tries to control its power: unfortunately, everything does not go as planned, and the Elixir turns out to be Pandora’s box, unleashing endless evil on the whole world. . The result is the birth of demons and monsters, but not only: much more dangerous is the awakening of the Dragons that now rage in the Han Empire. However, all this comes to an end when our “nameless” protagonist, led by an ancient mystic, receives the power of the elixir, which will allow him to resist his enemies. In the game, we control a soldier with martial arts skills and hidden powers who must confront these creatures and bring peace to the three kingdoms. Although the game presents various elements of Chinese culture in an interesting way, especially in regards to mythology, the storytelling is not as engaging and exciting as it could be. Of course, we have interesting moments and characters throughout the campaign, but obviously the main goal here was to take players on a journey where they will be marked by the experience and encounters they will face during the game. , the game stands out pretty well. The first highlight of Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is the extensive character customization that the game offers: we can choose between male and female, change several hairstyles and even choose our starting equipment. It is also important to choose what the initial combat style of the character will be, but this aspect can be changed during the course of the campaign.

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