Test: Xbox wired headset, pronounced bass but unbeatable value for money

“Is it your daughter I’m listening to?”

On the microphone side, the stem has an easy-to-activate mute button on its base. Then it is necessary to move the selector up and down to manage this part, which avoids mishandling.

Also, speaking of the headband microphone, it retains the same qualities and flaws as its predecessor. Voice pickup is therefore quite good even if the relatively small size of the wand creates a small listening distance. But it’s mostly ambient noise that can be a problem.

With two two and six year olds at home, the living room is a permanent party. Without falling into screams, the agitation is usually present and the noises of toys colliding, Lego exploding on the ground or falling glass are legion. The good news (or not) is that here you will no longer be alone to endure them.

The microphone on the Xbox headset really picks up too much surrounding sounds. With each word, all the noises are also transmitted to your interlocutors, which can quickly become exhausting for your audience. The fault lies with this famous rod that is too short, which requires a greater sensitivity of the device than if it were placed in front of the mouth.


That was one of the big complaints about the Xbox Wireless Headphones – the sound signature was completely unbalanced. Therefore, the bass was much more pronounced than the mids and treble, and even deep changes in the EQ did not allow it to be fully corrected.

For this wireframe iteration, the result is the same. Therefore, we are faced with a headphone that gives an excessive preference to bass when it leaves the factory. The passage through the equalizer allows to give a little energy to the other frequencies, but the domain is always kept in order. The sound is not bad, far from it and especially at this price, but we have to accept that we listen carefully.


This is a bias that, however, can attract many users. Explosions, gunshots, and other mechanical devices are particularly well-transcribed and captivating. But if you want a little more finesse, to enjoy a more balanced audio universe, you will have to consider other solutions. More so if you want to use it alternatively for audio.

An incomparable value for money

For a minimal price, Xbox manages to offer a frankly qualitative and very pleasant experience on a day-to-day basis. With its connector, it adapts to both console games and listening to movies or music on the phone or PC. And this, whatever the environment in which it operates thanks to its excellent passive isolation.

However, its signature sound won’t appeal to everyone, and its mic has some design issues. Therefore, it can be useful to test the accessory before breaking it, although, in view of its price (€ 59.99), it is undoubtedly a great success.

In short, between a highly refined aesthetic, extreme practicality and optimal comfort, this Xbox wired headset has everything to become a benchmark in its segment.

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