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Almost three years after being released on PS4, Yakuza 6: The Song of Life is finally coming to PC and Xbox. The opportunity for players who had missed this little nugget to finally discover one of the best parts of the franchise.

Sega will definitely have taken all its time to bring its saga to PC and Xbox. Three long years. This is the time that the owners of the American console will have to wait to finally discover the last chapter of the saga on their machines… A slowness which is certainly explained in large part by the mixed success of the console in Japan… The good one The news is that if it comes out late on the medium, Yakuza 6: The Song of Life has the merit of being offered from day one in the Gamepass offer, in the same way as all the other components. of the franchise. Those who prefer to buy it will have the good surprise to discover that the title is sold at a fairly low price: € 19.99. On the other hand, we should not expect big improvements compared to the PS4 version. No next-gen optimization on the horizon on Xbox Series or framerate boost on PC.

The fights remain one of the great successes of the game.

The arrival of the game on Xbox and PC is nonetheless good news for fans, who were impatiently awaiting the last chapter of this series (if we exclude the seventh part, which is positioned almost as a reboot for franchise). The previous three episodes were released as a “collection”, the Yakuza Remastered Collection. We were also surprised at the time that Yakuza 6 does not appear in the said pack. Obviously, the developers needed a little more time to polish for the port.

We will not hide it from you, in the space of three long years, Yakuza 6: The Song of Life has taken a few wrinkles. That being said, the title is nonetheless an epic conclusion for the series, which shines above all with its extremely nervous combat system and its very catchy storyline. The story takes place several years after the events narrated in the fifth installment. The player plays again Kazuma Kiryu, an ex-yakuza who tries to reintegrate into society and will have to go through the prison box to atone for his faults, despite his desire to take care of the orphanage he has set up. on foot. Unfortunately, during her three years of incarceration, young Hakura, the daughter of her one and only love, having left the life of a star is harassed and prefers to run away. Upon release, the Dojima Dragon will have the sad surprise of finding Hakura in a coma. Kiryu will have to put on his gangster costume in order to understand the circumstances of this accident and find out who is the father of the child of his protege.

The adventure is perfectly mastered, from start to finish.

From the first moments of the game, we understand that Yakuza 6 will transport us on a family adventure against the backdrop of a very violent turf war. If Kiryu wants to hang up, he will have to face his last enemies and protect those who are dear to him. Its themes are perfectly transcribed in this episode. We once again find the talent of the Ryū ga Gotoku Studio teams in the scenario; complex, human and deep.

Deeply philosophical, the game’s scenario does not hesitate to emphasize family ties that go beyond blood ties.

The Yakuza series is based on a central engine, that of open-world progression, progression interspersed with numerous melee clashes, in the purest style of classic beat them all. For this new episode, the focus has been on fights that are less messy and more visible. Note that the camera is more mobile, which allows you to follow your enemies. Kiryu’s character progression has been revised to be less complex. From now on, facing thugs, pursuing main and secondary quests, as well as eating food and drinks allow you to gain experience and increase skills, such as strength, agility, wit, technique or charm. Riding a particular skill will have real consequences on the characteristics of our character, which will therefore have to be chosen with rigor. It is also possible to unlock new martial arts techniques for ever more epic fights.

The clashes are more frequent than in the previous episodes of the series. While walking through the reconstructed streets of Japan, Kiryu will face many times the bosses who want to do battle. Halfway between the GTA-like and the beat them all, Yakuza 6 is a mixture of nervous genres which stands out especially at the level of its touting combat system and its many secondary activities. The concept has basically not changed much for a few episodes already, since it will always be about accumulating experience to improve the skills of his character and thus master new movements.

Visually, the game has aged a bit, but it is still very pleasing to the eye.

As in the previous section, we find the principle of trance, Heat Action, which will have the gift of increasing Kiryu’s skills tenfold. The ability to interact with nearby objects remains an option that adds depth to combat. Our character will thus be able to recover various objects in the street to project them in the face of his enemies.

Another big highlight of the franchise: the abundance of side quests. These also have the merit of being very diverse. Between two main missions, the player will be able to pass the time by playing darts, flirting online, watching and participating in wrestling matches, relaxing in a hostess bar, and so much more. We will also note the presence of a smartphone which will serve sometimes as a menu, sometimes as a camera, just to immortalize one’s face in various situations and take some selfies. Additional objectives that make it possible to prolong the pleasure; we go from twenty hours for a basic straight line progression to a lifespan of nearly 45 hours to complete everything.

The developers also took the opportunity to add some small interesting novelties, starting with the possibility of creating your own gang with the Clan Creator (a function unfortunately paying, presented in the form of DLC). During the adventure, we can recruit thugs in the street to face the underworld. A mode that looks like a strategy game to manage your gang and increase their abilities. An addition that has the merit of diversifying the pleasures. There too, raising the level and skills of his fellows will be just as important as for our hero.

The mini-games and side activities are many and varied.

The game may date from 2016, it will be difficult to criticize it in terms of images and visual quality. Since its beginnings, the saga has flirted with the 7th art, drawing inspiration from the greatest cinematographic works for its choreography and its staging. In this tightrope walk between reality and fiction, the characters in the game are once again the copies of real actors; Takeshi “Beat” Kitano and Tatsuya Fujiwara, known in particular for his role in Battle Royale.

Visually, the result remains impressive, despite the weight of the years. Both in terms of the details of facial expressions and the scenery – superb – or animation. One of Yakuza’s greatest assets remains his ability to immerse the player in a Japan that is larger than life. Each of the cities that we cross has its own identity and the streets abundant with advertisements and lighting correspond perfectly to the idea that we have of Japan. Note also the work on the depth of field. With the possibility of entering many stalls and stores, the decorations and details appear realistic, even real. Too bad, however, that the title has not benefited from any apparent optimization for the media that host it …


Brilliant conclusion to the series, Yakuza 6 is an absolutely must-see episode for all fans of the Sega franchise. If we regret that we can only enjoy it today on Xbox and PC, three years after its initial release on PS4, this sixth episode of the series is nonetheless a total success. More immersive than its elders, but also prettier and even more grandiose, Yakuza 6 plunges the player into a more intimate scenario, which gently flirts with the codes of the seventh art. Difficult to remain insensitive to the charms of The Song of Life – which remains one of the best episodes of the series and also offers a very rich game experience, with many side missions and a solid lifespan. However, its late release on these two media has two unexpected advantages: the game is offered at an extremely low price upon release (€ 19.99), and it is integrated Day-1 in the GamePass! No reason therefore not to do without.

Yakuza 6: The Song of Life

Yakuza 6: The Song of Life

The +:

  • The very low price (€ 19.99)
  • Battles as epic and enjoyable as ever
  • The excellent lifespan of the game
  • The many secondary activities
  • An intimate scenario

The – :

  • Little originality in the decorations
  • No optimization for newer Xbox Series / PCs
  • A very late release on these media

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