Test your survival skills in Retreat to Enen

Test your survival skills and earn your well deserved meditation in the new survival game created by Head West and published by Freedom Games. Retreat to Enen is a firstperson futuristic openworld survival game that allows players to scavenge, build, hunt, fish, build bases, meditate and explore in their own personal environment.

“Live off the gifts of nature, such as plants, fruits, animal meat, and other materials, to truly appreciate these blessings. Build shelter, fire and other essential survival tools using over 100 different resources to create a real home away from home.”

Retreat to Enen is now available on PC via Steam and the Epic Game Store and is currently part of the Steam Survival Games Sale, 20% off the regular price for a limited time.

“Year 3600 A.D. At some point, centuriesold wars, socioeconomic and climatic disasters brought humanity to the brink of extinction. The earth is now healed and nature is flourishing. Subsequently, a new society was formed with a new reverence and attitude towards nature. You will play as a young man who is sent to the legendary island of Henin to undergo a rite of passage.

You have to not only survive, but also thrive in order to prove your worth and assimilate into adult society. You will explore, drill, hunt, fish, craft, build bases and meditate as you build your new home on the beautiful island of Henin. “

Survival game

“Simulating the tranquility of nature in a digital space with Retreat to Enen was a very personal and important challenge for our team,” said Justin Hosford, Founder of Head West. “At times it’s hard to ignore the hardships of the world, so we wanted to share positive energy in a relaxing space. We hope that Retreat to Enen will be able to comfort those in need and maybe even teach you some new meditation techniques.”

“After establishing the base and meeting the basic human needs, take part in real meditation sessions and enjoy the beauty of the flora and fauna. Succumb to the magical music of swaying trees and shifting winds in a safe and convenient location for those unable to travel to the local forests and mountain peaks. Reflect on Henin’s peaceful feelings at the Retreat and discover new ways to appreciate the world around you on a personal level.”

Source: Steam

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