Test Your Survival Skills in the Steam Survival Sale

If you’re looking to put your survival skills to the test, you’ll be pleased to know that Valve kicked off their latest Steam Survival Fest this week, offering a plethora of survival games at discounted prices. The Survival Games Promotion will run until August 8 at 10:00 AM PT (GMT7), and you can check out all the latest discounts by clicking on the link below.

“Celebrating the fight for survival with discounts, demos and upcoming releases.”

Popular Steam Survival Fest games

“Defend your territory, collect food and conquer the elements*, live now with discounts, demos and upcoming releases of games of all kinds! August 1st – August 8th and it’s a Festival of Resilience to fight the elements with discounts and demos.”

Steam Survival Festival

Valheim is a brutal 110 player survival and exploration game set in a procedurally generated purgatory inspired by Viking culture. Fight, build and conquer your way to a saga worthy of Odin’s patronage! Explore a world shrouded in mystery. Discover different environments with unique enemies to battle, resources to collect and secrets to uncover!

Become a Viking, sail the open seas in search of uncharted lands and fight against bloodthirsty monsters. Build Viking longhouses and build bases that will protect you from future dangers. Customize buildings inside and out with a detailed building system. Progress through the building levels to upgrade, expand and defend your base.

Check out all the survival games on offer by clicking on the link below.

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