Testing positive for COVID-19: “I didn’t expect this” Dominique Ducharm.

Even if the obligation to physically move away from his team upsets him to the highest point, Montreal Canadiens head coach Dominique Ducharm remains in good spirits and is confident that he will return to the bench by the end of the playoffs.

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The pilot spoke to the media via videoconference Sunday morning for the first time since announcing his positive test for COVID-19 on Friday. Obviously, he did not have the necessary cards in the game and he considers himself unlucky, especially since he has been waiting “for a long time” for the moment to lead such important matches.

“Yes, that was a big surprise. I didn’t expect this. We had another test. It’s strange with two extra vaccines. He argued that there is not much that you can control. Newspaper… But we are not going to stop there. I think I will be back. I hope I can come as soon as possible. Our players want to continue their journey. Regardless of when I return, I am confident that we will play again. “

Quality replacement

Despite everything, Duchard says the Canadiens are in good hands: in the hands of Luke Richardson, who saw his team win 3-2 in overtime on Friday.

“I arrived at the same time as Luke. He is a good teammate. He was described in the same way as a player. You want to weather the storm with him, you want him by your side. He is a real person, the best teammate you can have, ”he commented.

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