THAILAND – FRANCE: The Modern vaccine vaccination campaign is open to all French people and their spouses.

The French Embassy issued a press release announcing the extension of the vaccination campaign with the Moderna vaccine for French people over 18 years of age and their spouses. We distribute it for our readers.

A press release from the French Embassy in Thailand.

Dear compatriots,

As I announced to you on September 27, the second phase of our vaccination campaign benefiting the French community in Thailand was launched with the MODERNA messenger RNA vaccine “Spikevax” provided by Santé Publique France. This campaign is organized by the International SOS company in collaboration with the 8 hospitals of the BDMS group that are already participating in the first phase of the campaign.

Last week, French children aged 12 to 17 were given priority. I am pleased to announce today that the campaign is now also open to all French adults, as well as their spouses over the age of 18, whatever their nationality, who therefore have the possibility to register as soon as possible. Now in the portal created by ISOS.

To meet your expectations, all vaccination schedules have been taken into account. If you have not yet been vaccinated or have received a dose of Janssen vaccine, a dose of Pfizer BioNTech vaccine, a dose of Astra-Zeneca vaccine, or one or two doses of BBIBP-CorV vaccine (from Sinopharm) or CoronaVac (from Sinovac company), you are potentially eligible for this campaign which should allow everyone, if they wish, to complete their vaccination course and receive French and Thai “health passes”.

Details on the modalities of this vaccination campaign are available on the embassy’s website.

Vaccination does not exempt you from respecting barrier gestures and social distancing measures, I invite you not to loosen vigilance, to be cautious and to spread this message widely around you.

I thank you.

Thierry MATHOU

French Ambassador to Thailand

Find here the modalities of the campaign and here the most frequently asked questions.

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