That mysterious pink sky… came from a hemp farm.

An unusual story came to us from Australia. When the sun had just set on Wednesday, July 20, in Mildura, a city in the Australian state of Victoria, residents of the city suddenly saw pink light illuminating the clouds, giving the impression that the city was the scene of a supernatural phenomenon. . In fact, the strange glow came from the light emitted by… the medicinal cannabis facility. This event was reported by The Guardian on July 21, not without humor.

“Alien invasion? Season 5 of Stranger Things? A portal that lets through space-time? asks the Guardian journalist covering the event. To illustrate her point, the latter tweeted a photo taken by Mildura-based journalist Sarah Tomlinson:

“Everywhere in Mildura and nearby towns people hurried to their gardens and their front porches to photograph this apocalyptic light,” the British newspaper describes and quotes the townsman, whose parents thought “it was the end of the world.”

A woman named Alexandra Talent, who runs the ranch with her husband, says the latter put her on guard. That evening, the couple’s horses seemed especially distracted. “Which delights the child’s imagination and, of course, fuels the alien hypothesis,” she explains.


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Light from… a medicinal cannabis plant

Despite all the speculation about the alleged presence of UFOs, this “unusual” phenomenon is simply the result of an oversight by the employees of the medicinal cannabis plant, whose blackout curtains were mistakenly left open.

Rhys Cohen, Communications Manager at Cann Group Ltd, explains: “Growing cannabis plants requires the use of different types of light. Red light is often used. There are blinds in the warehouse, which are usually closed at night, they prevent the passage of this light beam in the future.

Cann Group Ltd was the first Australian company to be licensed to grow medical cannabis in the country. Its manufacturing unit, based in Mildura, aims to provide the Australian market with a wide range of medical marijuana. The first harvest was in June.


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