THE 1 PM DEBATE Gas and Electricity Increase: A High Risk Reentry for the Government – Objectif Gard

12.6%. This is the amount of the increase in the price of gas on October 1 for French households. A record after the various climbs already suffered this summer. In question ? The global economic recovery after the health crisis. Today everyone wants gasoline and even more for the next few weeks as winter approaches. Unfortunately, this is not the only bad news: electricity follows the same path. So what can the government do in such a mess? Jean Castex, the prime minister, announced a gas price freeze for the next seven months and a cap on the increase in electricity prices by 4% until February 2023. Because a few months before the presidential elections, no there is doubt that Emmanuel Macron will suffer a new social discontent. How did we get here? The debate has started …

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