The 140W Nexode Charger has two USBC ports for $150.

If you are looking for a mobile fast charger that will help you recharge your phone, laptop, tablet or other device during the day, you may be interested in the new Nexode 140W multiport charger in the form of 2 x USB. -C and 1 x USBA.

The new 140W USBC charger is now available from online retailers like Amazon and Ugreen’s official online store for $150. Watch the video embedded below to learn more about the Powerful Wall Charger with 2 USBC ports.

“The Nexode 140W USBC Charger, providing just the right amount of power to three ports, is easier than ever. Compared with other 140W single port chargers, the Nexode 140W has 2 TypeC ports, allowing you to quickly charge two 14″ laptops at the same time. Nexode’s 140W charger with the latest power distribution technologies intelligently distributes the right amount of power to your device, extending your device’s battery life. Consumers will be delighted to know that Ugreen’s Thermal Guard measures temperatures 800 times per second, providing topnotch overheating protection.”

140W USBC charger

“Mobility is important, especially at a time when remote work is becoming more common. The Nexode 140W charger is 22% smaller than equivalent Apple chargers, making it especially convenient to pack and carry, and the best consumer charging companion. GaN, or gallium nitride, is the latest semiconductor compound with useful applications in radar, satellites, lasers, and now battery chargers. By incorporating GaN chips, Nexode chargers offer higher conversion efficiency, smaller size and better heat dissipation than before.”

Source: YuGrin

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