The 5 Black Friday deals I’m most excited about and I just bought one

Everyone’s shopping on Black Friday is different, so I thought I should give you some insight into how I’m looking at the field this year. Why am I so sure why my method is worth knowing? I’ve been covering Black Friday deals for six years now, and I’ve been keeping a close eye on prices going up and down.

Also, this year I’ve put together a pretty broad (at least for me) checklist of the things I want. I’m trying to get a deal on the best OLED TV, one of the best video games of the last decade, a quick external hard drive upgrade I need to get done, a skin care product that recently saved my face, and one analog gadget I need. already bought.

So here are the five Black Friday deals I can’t stop thinking about (four of these products are already on sale and I’m hoping one of them will be discounted).

I’ve wanted this TV ever since its predecessor, the LG C1, was discontinued. It is now only sold by vendors with less than a proven track record. It has four HDMI 2.1 ports that support 4K at 120Hz, and each port also supports variable refresh rate and auto low latency modes. This is perfect for me because I have both a PS5 and Xbox Series X that need those forward looking ports and high image speeds.

My only problem? The 55-inch LG C2 OLED may be $700 below its list price, but it’s been at that price since the last week of October. And I remember when C1 was at $1096 and I waited for it to fall further (but it didn’t).

Of course, that price was in May, at the very end of its life, but after watching the C2 hang around $1,296 for a few weeks, I feel like a Black Friday price drop is possible. If it’s still at that price on Cyber ​​Monday, I might have to put up with it and buy it at that price. I’m more than tired of the burn-in I did with my old LG OLED TV.

The LG C2 4K 55-inch OLED TV is $1,296 on Amazon. (will open in a new tab) right now

I don’t want to buy a new external drive, but I know I need one. I’m using one of my old laptops as a Plex server more and more, but I know that plugging it into external drives at 7200rpm doesn’t provide stable streaming. That’s why the aforementioned 2TB SSD, which offers much faster read and transfer speeds, is on my radar.

And it’s just the right size for me as this drive will replace my two 1TB drives I have for my archives. Based on the CamelCamelCamel price history, we can see that this drive has only been this affordable since the end of October and was $200 in the same month, with that all-time low being a relatively recent price.

The 2TB SanDisk Extreme Portable SSD is $149 on Amazon. (will open in a new tab) right now

Persona 5 Royal is a classic JRPG where you control high school students as they unmask the greedy and selfish manipulators committing huge crimes in Tokyo. And you do this by getting into their minds and defeating their inner selves in order to get them to confess. It is also a school life simulator. I played it twice (once in Persona 5, the second time in Persona 5 Royal, and I liked it both times).

Insert quote here Yes, I could run P5R on GamePass, but nothing stays on GamePass forever and this game is so long I want to get it.

I know I’m going to play Persona 5 Royal again because it’s mostly like a solace to my brain – plus, I’ve never completed Confidant Strength. But after I tried it on Switch, I felt annoyed at spending the full price considering it’s already $29 on GameStop. (will open in a new tab), I am ready to admit that I do not adhere to this platform. The 1440 x 820 (docked) and 960 x 540 (unpinned) resolutions are way too low for a game that I’m already familiar with at 1080p and I know I’ll put in over 120 hours on.

So, I want to have the PS5 or Xbox Series X versions (which are 4K as opposed to their previous generation 1080p versions) – and I want them to cost $20. First, this updated re-release was supposed to be discounted (or free) for those who own the original. $20 is a price I’ll settle for because that’s the price many video games are discounted at during the holiday season (even shortly after they’re released). Even I know that I have already spent too much (time and money) on this game. I think of Persona 5 Royal as one of those games or movies that you keep buying with every re-release, but if I’m going to pay for it again in the same season, I try to make it as cheap as possible. Yes, I could run P5R on GamePass, but nothing stays on GamePass forever and this game is so long that I want to get it.

Persona 5 Royal for PS5 is $29 on Amazon. (will open in a new tab) Persona 5 Royal for Xbox One and Series X/S is also $29 on Amazon right now. (will open in a new tab) right now, and Persona 5 Royal for Switch is $29 at GameStop. (will open in a new tab) right now

  • Amazon: TVs starting at $79, robot vacuums starting at $99, and more. (will open in a new tab)
  • Best Buy: Up to $200 off MacBook Pro, $100 off iPad and more (will open in a new tab)
  • Dell: $300 off + laptop deals starting at $299. (will open in a new tab)
  • DreamCloud: 25% Off Sitewide + $599 Mattress Gift (will open in a new tab)
  • GameStop: Up to 50% off Video Games, Consoles & Accessories (will open in a new tab)
  • iRobot: from $124. (will open in a new tab)
  • Microsoft: Up To $500 Off Laptops, Surface And More (will open in a new tab)
  • Nectar: ​​$200 off + $499 free bedding set with any mattress. (will open in a new tab)
  • Samsung: 40% off Black Friday appliances (will open in a new tab)
  • Saatwa (Exclusive): $400 off mattresses $1,000 or more. (will open in a new tab)
  • Sling TV: 50% off first month (will open in a new tab)
  • Verizon: Pixel 7 Pro or iPhone 14 Pro Free with Trade-in + Unlimited (will open in a new tab)
  • Walmart: Chromebook starting at $79, 55-inch 4K TV for $188. (will open in a new tab)
  • Wayfair: Sale of furniture and decor from $10 (will open in a new tab)

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