The 5 crypto news of the week: Bitcoin, McAfee, Banque de France, New York, Deutsche Telekom

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Bitcoin (BTC) temporarily dropped below $ 30,000
This week the Bitcoin price took about 2.5 hours for a short ride below the $ 30,000 mark, with a low of $ 28,800. Those who have been in the Bitcoin ecosystem for a long time are used to this kind of BTC movement and did not worry too much when some of the more novice others may have had a cold sweat. But as always with Bitcoin, it is important to take a step back on the time scale to observe the variations. A glance at the logarithmic graph of the price since 2010 makes it easier to realize that this drop is nothing serious and is even negligible. Let’s not forget that the price of Bitcoin was only around $ 9,000 a year ago. So we breathe in the new and we put the optics of our glasses on the “long term” mode.

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Entrepreneur and cybersecurity specialist John McAfee is dead

The 5 crypto news of the week: Bitcoin, McAfee, Banque de France, New York, Deutsche ... 101
Photo: staff / Twitter

The very sultry entrepreneur and cybersecurity specialist John McAfee is dead. At least that is what our colleagues from the newspaper El País reported on Wednesday evening. The United States Securities and Exchange Commission (the SEC) had pinned McAfee who had been arrested in Spain on charges of tax evasion. He had since been in prison, awaiting extradition, an extradition which was about to occur. The famous newspaper reports that prison officials found him hanged in his cell, citing police sources who say they treat the event as suicide. The controversial businessman was 75 years old and was completing eight months of imprisonment in Catalan prison.

Banque de France carries out a new experiment with central bank digital money
We received news from the Central Bank Digital Currency (MNBC) from the Banque de France, which indicated that it had successfully carried out an experiment on June 18, 2021 with the Swiss bank, the SEBA Bank. Concretely, the Banque de France simulated the issuance of MNBC tokens on a public blockchain while preserving the control and confidentiality of transactions via a smart contract. “This experiment made it possible to demonstrate the possibilities of interactions between conventional infrastructures and distributed infrastructures and paves the way for other alliances in a blockchain environment” explained Nathalie Aufauvre, Director General of Financial Stability and Operations of the Banque de France. Other experiments will take place in the coming days.

New York mayoral candidate wants to make the city the hub of Bitcoin (BTC)

The 5 crypto news of the week: Bitcoin, McAfee, Banque de France, New York, Deutsche ... 102
Eric Adams. screenshot, Instagram / ericadamsfornyc

Eric Adams, one of the favorites in the New York mayoral race, has vowed to make the Big Apple “the center” of Bitcoin (BTC) within a year if elected. In a speech delivered to his supporters on Wednesday, the candidate displayed ambitions as high as they were technological: “I promise you that in a year, you will see a different city. We will bring companies here. We will become the center of life sciences, the center of cybersecurity, the center of self-driving cars and drones, the center of Bitcoin, the center of all technology. ” He also winked at the pro-Bitcoin mayor of Miami, Francis Suarez, adding: “Miami, you had your chance”. But so that the Miami-New York competition can take place, one more detail: that Adams is elected …

Deutsche Telekom launches mobile payment network based on Celo blockchain

The 5 crypto news of the week: Bitcoin, McAfee, Banque de France, New York, Deutsche ... 103
Adobe / Postmodern Studio

The telecommunications giant Deutsche Telekom is increasingly interested in blockchain technology. He has also partnered with the heavyweight of the financial sector, Andreessen Horowitz within the framework of a partnership involving the blockchain network. Celo. The goal of this merger is to create a vast network of mobile payments running on the blockchain. The German company, which has not revealed the amount of this new investment, will it be as successful as the South Korean company KT which has multiplied its profits in connection with the blockchain by seven? To be continued…

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