The 5 crypto news of the week: Elon Musk, Tesla, eBay, Mark Zuckerberg, Bitcoin

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Tesla stops Bitcoin payments?
Two news about Elon musk which has definitely been shaking up the cryptosphere since it has been communicating about cryptos. On Wednesday May 12, the billionaire tweeted that You’re here stopped accepting Bitcoin payments for environmental reasons. “We are concerned about the growing use of fossil fuels for Bitcoin mining and transactions, particularly coal, which has the worst emissions of all fuels.” can we read. The Bitcoin community obviously reacted and responded to Elon’s Tweet reminding him that 75% of the energy consumed by BTC mining was renewable. Several also brought out a tweet of Jack Dorsey, the boss of Twitter who wrote on April 21 “Bitcoin encourages renewable energies”, a tweet to which Elon Musk replied “true”. Why this change of position? Hard to say. Still, the price of Bitcoin lost $ 10,000 within 2 hours of the announcement. But Bitcoin is resilient and has seen more. So… HODL!

Elon Musk “The Dogecoin at Saturday Night Live”
Last Saturday, Musk’s appearance on the legendary Saturday Night Live show was eagerly awaited. The unofficial ambassador of Dogecoin was he going to talk about this cryptocurrency and above all, was he going to raise the price to a dollar? The CEO of Tesla has spoken well of Dogecoin and cryptocurrency, but it was with a certain irony. Whether it is in his introductory monologue where he tells his mother that he is going to offer her Dogecoin when she does not want it or when he plays a named crypto expert. Lloyd Ostertag, aka the Dogefather, who first explains to viewers that the Doge is the future of money before admitting it’s a scam. A hot-cold passage that saw the price of Dogecoin drop by 30% during the issuance. The Elon effect went well, but not the one many expected.

eBay authorizes the sale of NFT on its platform
Good news for digital collectors who will be able to buy NFTs directly on eBay, the same way they do with physical objects. The NFT are non-fungible, that is, unique tokens, which are used in particular as digital collectibles. The available NFTs will initially be restricted to certain categories such as collectible cards, or NFTs related to art. Jordan sweetnam, eBay’s vice president said “In the same way that digital publishing has made writers better known, digital collectibles are an opportunity for artists and all creators.” Find out more more on the NFT watch our video in link, we explain everything to you.

Is Facebook boss pro-Bitcoin?
Mark Zuckerberg does he have Bitcoin (BTC)? This is the question that has stirred the crypto community this week. At the origin of this question, there is a photo, that of his two goats, that the billionaire himself posted on his Facebook page. Zuckerberg wrote “My two goats, Max and Bitcoin”. Some have obviously interpreted this publication as a pro-Bitcoin position Max would be the abbreviation of “maximalist” and goat which says GOAT would be the acronym of Greatest Of All Time (The greatest of all time in French). Other observers have instead interpreted this photo as a way for the CEO of Facebook to say that he was going to eat Bitcoin with DIEM (formerly called Libra), his cryptocurrency project that could see the light of day this year. Elon Musk has his dog, Zuckerberg his goats. Welcome to the crypto-menagerie.

46 million Americans are believed to have Bitcoin
46 million Americans (roughly 17% of the population) are said to own Bitcoin, at least a fraction of Bitcoin given that an entire BTC is still worth around $ 50,000. This figure comes from a survey by New York Digital Investment Group (NYDIG) relayed by Newsweek magazine. We also learn that about 75% of those questioned would like to learn about Bitcoin annuity and life insurance options. The article got people like Michael Saylor of Microstrategy and Dan Held to react positively, who saw it as a sign that the mainstream adoption of BTC was underway. Other observers, however, were more cautious and felt the numbers seemed a bit too high and the survey sample too small. Either way, the pro-Bitcoin trend is here.

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