The Accounts Chamber launches a platform for reporting misuse of public money

The Court of Accounts, the financial jurisdiction responsible for overseeing the regularity of public accounts, is introducing an online reporting platform on September 6, accessible through a tab on its website. This allows any citizen to report to him “about violations or malfunctions observed in public administration.”

This innovation meets public expectations expressed during a major citizen survey that began in March 2022. It also aims to make it easier to process the hundreds of reports received each year by mail or email.

Maintaining anonymity

The failure must take place in a “government institution or body that is likely to be controlled by a court or regional and territorial accounting chamber”, and it must be reported by users of the public service, public officials or associations of citizens. The platform allows you to “preserve anonymity” to protect the whistleblower, the Accounts Chamber clarifies.

Thus, it may involve the administration of government contracts, improper remuneration or subsidies, conflicts of interest, or serious mismanagement. The initiator must provide specific evidence (date, place, duration, etc.) by submitting attachments to the report. If the data collected is deemed to be credible, financial judges will be able to initiate a procedure that could lead to sanctions.

Secure Messaging

The platform has “its own secure chat system” for sending and receiving messages. Thus, the whistleblower will be able to communicate with the designated referents in the Accounts Chamber using the confidential code generated by the platform when submitting the report.

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