The ancestor of “play to earn” games appears in web3

Mobile gaming platform and developer Playstudios is launching a new blockchain division and setting up an investment fund to support businesses in the Web3 gaming space. In addition, the firm would also be interested in tokenizing the loyalty program so that players can exchange rewards. Axie Infinity has a lot to worry about and here are the details.

Playstudios impose themselves on the Internet3

The gaming company announced that it has launched a blockchain game that will introduce users to the concept of “play to earn”, and the Blockchain Gaming division has been named “Playblocks”. Las Vegas-based Playstudios reportedly even invested $10 million in Web3 game companies. In addition to games like Tetris, it also offers several casino games. The CEO of Playstudios said of these new developments that his company is entering the Web3 space and has been a Play-to-Earn player for 10 years, and he says the company is a pioneer in the gaming world. a lot of energy to think about how to reward players in their games; a bit like in Battle Infinity!

Is Plausstudios the future of web3?

Playstudios has also created a new fund to invest in Web3-related gaming initiatives. They invested $10 million in this fund, which they called the “Future Fund”. Companies that want to integrate blockchain into their current business model are eligible to participate in the fund. The first investments of the fund, the volumes of which are not specified, were made in Forte and the Kryptomon company. The latter is a Pokemon themed game that allows users to control and train their personal NFT creatures.

tetris game

Roadmap for PLAYSTUDIOS Online3

Forte’s blockchain infrastructure allows PLAYSTUDIOS to seamlessly integrate blockchain technology into its loyalty platforms and games to create rich, player-centric experiences specifically designed for token savings and digital asset management. As for Wonderblock, an innovative gaming technology startup founded by gaming and retail veteran Linda Li, a set of products and services that will enable PLAYSTUDIOS to deploy blockchain loyalty mechanisms quickly and efficiently.

Also, it’s worth remembering that, according to PLAYSTUDIOS, WonderBlocks can realize its vision on a much larger scale and help accelerate its plans to build the largest and most innovative ecosystem of P2E games for consumers, publishers, games and rewards to benefit partners. With good reason, we can say that Monkey Empire has a lot to worry about.


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