The Apple Music and Apple TV apps for Windows 11 are now available in beta from the Microsoft Store.

Earlier this week, provided a first look at the new Apple Music and Apple TV apps coming to Windows 11. Now, Windows PC users can finally download the beta version of these apps directly from the Microsoft Store.

Apple Music and Apple TV Apps Now Available for Windows

As announced by Microsoft last year, Apple is finally bringing the Apple Music and Apple TV apps to Windows. These apps have been developed with more modern technology, so they run faster and use fewer resources than iTunes. The Apple Music and Apple TV apps are very similar to the versions that already exist for macOS, although the interface is slightly different for Windows.

With the Apple TV app, users can watch content from Apple TV+, Apple TV channels, and movies and TV shows from the iTunes Store. Content may be streamed in 4K HDR if available and if the device supports these technologies. This is a huge addition for Apple TV+ subscribers, as previously the only way to access the platform on Windows was through a web browser.

As for the Apple Music app, it has almost all the features available in the macOS version, with the exception of lyrics and Dolby Atmos. Users can access their library from Apple Music as well as from the iTunes Store. Content from iTunes is automatically moved to the new app. However, be aware that iTunes will stop working after you install the Apple Music app.

And as iTunes is being replaced, Apple is also introducing another new Windows app called Apple Devices. This application allows users to sync, backup and restore iOS devices and old iPods using PC. Apple warns that a new version of iTunes for Windows will be released in the future to retain support for audiobooks and podcasts, as none of these features are available in the Apple Music app.

Here’s how to download new Apple apps

Three new Apple apps are now available for download from the Microsoft website. However, these are all beta apps, so some features may not work as expected, which is why they are all labeled “Preview”. And since these are beta apps, their availability may be limited to certain regions.

Here are the download links:

All three apps require a PC running Windows 11.

Watch this video below for more Apple news:

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