The Asus 23.8 “IPS 144Hz 1ms gaming PC screen at a knockdown price

Good plan news The Asus 23.8 “IPS 144Hz 1ms gaming PC screen at a knockdown price

The past French Days, the sales at the end of June, we are in a private space where we can still find good deals. There, we have a special gaming PC screen that is offered at around 200, and it’s a hell of a deal, we’ll tell you about it now!

Having a good screen to play on is essential! Considering the current offer, it can be difficult to find the right one. You can even get lost in the different features that can be found in these monitors.

But here, we found you one that will do the trick. Indeed, with its 23.8-inch IPS panel, its FHD resolution and its response time, which with its refresh rate make it a particularly responsive screen.

This screen from Asus can count on two aspects: its speed and the beauty of its colors. This means that it can shine in gaming as well as in any other use you can make of it. So, you can just as easily play on it, as you can enjoy your favorite series, animes and movies!

Where to buy the Asus VG249Q monitor

This screen is currently available at Boulanger for around 200 €. A very reasonable amount when we know that it is usually available rather at 230 €.

Find the Asus VG249Q screen for € 209.99 instead of € 229.99 at Boulanger

Learn more about the Asus VG249Q monitor

This monitor from Asus has a 23.8 ”diagonal IPS panel, or 60.4cm. Its resolution is 1920×1080, its response time is 1ms, and its refresh rate is 144Hz. On top of that, you can count on AMD FreeSync Premium technology which enables synchronization between this monitor and your AMD graphics card. This makes it possible in particular to avoid the phenomena of jerkiness, blurring and tearing of the image. Regarding connectivity, this screen is equipped with a DisplayPort port, an HDMI port, a VGA port as well as a headphone output. We can also count on the two speakers of 2W each. This screen can also be hung on a wall support via the VESA 100mmx100mm mount.

The Asus PC gaming screen 23.8" IPS 144Hz 1ms at a knockdown price

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