The banking data of 40,000 French people are freely accessible on the darknet

A hacker distributes free of charge for the promotion of his black market a file containing nearly a million bank cards. In total, 40,000 French people would be affected by this leak, according to Zataz, a blog specializing in computer security maintained by expert Damien Bancal. Morocco, Italy, Turkey, the United States and Canada would also be affected.

Identity, CVV, IP address …

In detail, the database contains the identity of the holder, his postal and electronic address, the 16 digits of the bank cards, the validity dates and the CVV code (visual cryptogram on the back). In some cases, the phone or IP address is also offered. The information was collected between 2018 and 2019. The origin of this valuable information is not known.

This database is a free sample to encourage buyers to take an interest in the hacker’s shop, explains Damien Bancal. In total, on his site, the offender offers data from 2.6 million bank cards for about 6 dollars the unit, about 5 euros.

Bank phishing explosion

The theft of bank data can, for example, take the form of the well-known phishing technique which consists of impersonating a brand or a known organization to encourage the victim to provide him with personal data. A few weeks ago,, the national assistance system for victims of computer attacks, alerted in a press release to an explosion in bank phishing.

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