The Beehive hackers, “the world’s No. 1 threat” according to police, inflicted 58 victims in France.

The Hive hacker software network is used on an industrial scale by hackers who specialize in computer attacks. pixel-shot /

The Central Branch of the Judicial Police was involved in dismantling this planetary network of pirates using the most formidable ransomware. On Friday, she reports that the departmental council of the Seine-Maritime is among the victims who filed a complaint.

The hacker software network “Hive” (“Beehive” in French), called the “world’s No. 1 threat”, industrially used by hackers specializing in ransomware attacks, caused at least 58 victims (companies or communities) in France: this is what just announced this Friday by the national police, who took part in an emergency hunt conducted along with twelve other countries under the auspices of the FBI and Europol.

“The Hive ransomware, dismantled this Thursday thanks to an international operation, posed one of the main threats to the socio-economic sector in both the United States and Europe,” emphasizes the French police, who recall that “the first victim was identified in Canada in June 2021.” In France, the first attack dates back to July 2022. Since then, investigators have identified 1,500 victims in 80 countries, with damages estimated at $100 million.

$130 million in damage prevented

After entering the system…

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