The best detergents for removing greasy stains

We tested 18 laundry detergents from brands such as Tide, Kirkland, Attitude, Persil, Lemieux and Purex. Only three of them managed to remove stains from oil, foundation and animal fat.

The most effective stain-removing detergents tend not to hold color very well on clothes, tablecloths, and other fabrics. To reach this conclusion, we selected 18 popular brands of detergents, some of which have environmental claims, and evaluated their ability to clean 14 types of common stains.

They were divided into three categories: greasy stains (base, mineral oil, beef tallow), enzymatic stains (chocolate, dirt, blood, carrot puree) and oxidized stains (grass, coffee, tea, blueberries, tomato sauce, red wine, mustard). ). ).

We also ran a color retention test on 22 fabrics in a variety of colors and compositions. When it comes to grease stains, hardly three detergents are effective… and only one manages to remove them without bleaching the colors.

The best cleanser for greasy stains


TIDE ZERO – Detergent – Sweet Lavender

It’s the only laundry soap in our test that removes greasy stains from clothes while preserving color. It removes beef tallow stains very well, as well as mineral oil and foundation stains. As for other soils, it deserves very high marks for grass stains and carrot puree, and high marks for chocolate, dirt, blood, tea, blueberries, tomato sauce, and mustard. It is considered acceptable for coffee and red wine stains. It costs about 27 cents per download and is Safer Choice certified.

Other Effective Detergents for Grease Stains

The two brands below are generally not as good as Tide Zero for removing oil stains, but they are still effective.


PARSLEY – ProClean Deep Clean – Original

In the oil stain category, it is very good for mineral oil and foundation stains and deserves an acceptable rating for beef tallow stains. As for the other 11 types of spots, for three of them he gets a very good rating. In terms of color retention, it offers acceptable performance. It costs about 21 cents per load and is safe for septic tanks.


Kirkland Ultra Pure Pure and Pure

In the oil stain category, it is very good for beef tallow stains, as well as mineral oil and foundation stains. As for the other 11 types of spots, for three of them he gets a very good rating. However, it does not perform well in terms of color retention. It costs about 12 cents a download and is certified by the Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO).

Laboratory tests

In addition to testing all detergents on each of the stains, we also only cleaned them with water. Results? In the greasy stain category, the water itself removed some of the base and mineral oil, but did not affect the beef tallow. Therefore, this means that this type of soiling absolutely requires the use of a detergent.

Knowing that every laundry soap has its own strengths and weaknesses, it’s best to buy a strong stain remover for clothes and another for those that need washing but aren’t stained.

To find out the overall rating of the 18 detergents tested, as well as their effectiveness in removing each type of stain, use our product comparison tool.

You will find a comparison of the brands Arctic Power, Arm & Hammer, Attitude, Eco-Max, Kirkland Signature, La Maison Lavande, La Parisienne, Lemieux, Nature Clean, Persil, Planette, Pure Nature, Purex, The Unscented Company, Tide. , Tru Earth, as well as Éco & Éco products (soap nuts) and Les Gargouilles (washing balls).

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