The boardwalks at the Royal Albert Hall succumb to the temptation of video game music

The evening, hosted by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, is part of a movement towards recognition of the genre by the classical world.

Zelda, Pokémon, Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, Battlefield 2042… Video games took center stage on Monday, August 1 at the Royal Albert Hall in London. As part of the world’s largest classical music festival “BBC Proms” (a series of prestigious summer concerts), the 2022 edition presented its first Gaming Proms. The one and a half hour performance called “8 beats to infinity” played the soundtracks of the most famous games from the 1980s to the present day. A task ? Follow their evolution and the evolution of their music.

Conductor Robert Ames, a specialist in electro-acoustic music and an associate of Radiohead or Frank Ocean, led the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. “In a video game, players often create their own stories. The music must be composed in such a way that it fits. It offers a lot of space, fantasy and variation,” he said, delighted with this premiere.

Reconciliation of genres

The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Evening is part of a movement to bring video game music to the classical world, following the example of what film music has been doing for several years now. Hildur Gudnadottir, winner of the Golden Globe for the soundtrack to the movie Joker, is also the composer of the music for the video game Battlefield 2042,” the conductor confirmed.


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