The box of MH Rise, the out of stock of the PS5 and Xbox Series, we talk about it in the JV newspaper at 12:30

News inside The box of MH Rise, the out of stock of the PS5 and Xbox Series, we talk about it in the JV newspaper at 12:30

Monster Hunter Rise is the last game of the license of the same name, released on March 26th. The title was a real hit with players, with 4 million copies distributed in 3 days, and 1 million more the following week.

A success equal to that of Monster Hunter World

Often criticized throughout its development by its graphics below the Monster Hunter World opus, which, as a reminder, was initially released on PS4 and Xbox One hence the difference in performance, or even a disconcerting ease, Monster Hunter Rise has however largely found a taker. Capcom’s commitment to make the game a little more accessible to new players is certainly one of the reasons for the game’s success. Exit the long hours spent optimizing its equipment or its bag, focus on hunting. The absence of hot drinks, cold drinks or other markers outraged many, but satisfied many others.

Still out of stock

Almost 6 months after the official release of the new Playstation 5 and Xbox Series S / X game consoles, they are still out of stock. A combination of several factors is the cause. First of all, the growing success of video games with an increasingly large audience is contributing to this. Another factor and not the least is obviously the pandemic which affects the whole world, which makes it much more difficult to produce the components that can be found in this equipment. Have you been able to get your hands on any of them?

The PlayStation Now struggles to seduce

PS Now is a subscription service providing access to a variety of games, enriched fairly regularly. While Microsoft’s equivalent, the Xbox Game Pass, is a hit, it does not have the same success. The Ampere Analysis firm has published an investigation which quite simply blames the content of the proposed catalog: the games are said to lack quality. It must be said that compared to Xbox Game Pass which promises to offer many titles from their launch, PlayStation Now relies more on a catalog made up of “oldies” titles rather than new ones.

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