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Raoul Ullens

Christophe De Beukelaer

Our focus

We are convinced that we are at the dawn of a revolution of the same order that we lived with the Internet 30 years ago. All professions – finance, insurance and governance leading the way, but other sectors to follow – will be upset. Two points should be put in our ears:

1) The market is capitalized today at € 2,500 billion. It is more than Apple or Amazon. Can we, at this level of economic reality, keep turning our heads? Behind these cryptocurrencies there are serious projects in which trust grows day by day.
2) Today, companies like Tesla, but also the American financial monsters (JP Morgan, Bank of America …), but also the Chinese and many others who were reluctant, have started to invest a lot. And we, Europe, are we going to miss out on these new opportunities?

We believe that it is our role as politicians and committed entrepreneurs to make leaders aware of these social changes that are taking place. We can no longer remain in the dark about this new world! It’s a bit like hanging from the horse-drawn carriage or candle while the cars and light bulbs appear. The adoption will be exponential.

That is why we offer an opportunity, unique because without a filter, to understand and know the world of blockchain this Wednesday, October 6. This is really the objective of this conference: to build a bridge between the leaders (especially those who do not know Blockchain yet or who are very skeptical), and these Blockchain entrepreneurs. They are ready to take this step. And you ?
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