The buzz around the SWU energy management project

Energy-related issues are at the center of the current economic and political debate. The scarcity of fossil fuels and the development of alternative energy sources create constraints that should lead to major changes in the coming decades.

The buzz around the SWU energy management project

Blockchain is recognized by many professionals as a breakthrough technology that can cause a real revolution in the energy sector. The transparency, trust, control and security provided by blockchain are the core values ​​that reduce the number of intermediaries in the value chain and therefore the cost of transactions, which is especially important for this sector.

It is in this context that the SWU (Smart World Union) project was born, with the aim of becoming a market benchmark for managing and optimizing energy costs. The three main components of this ecosystem will be: the energy market, the SWU token, and the SWU DAO.

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Creation of a marketplace specializing in energy

The project uses the experience of a team that has been working in the energy sector for 15 years. The health crisis has given the team an opportunity to rethink the company’s structure and join forces with the SMART WORLD UNION (SWU) project, the digital marketing platform that underpins the creation of Chezswitch’s first network of alternative carriers for payment integration. in SVU. The SWU project does not intend to rest on its laurels and indeed plans to expand its activities in Europe and around the world, creating a market dedicated to energy.

This future market will be dedicated to the purchase and resale of energy and will connect the main players in the sector: producers, wholesalers, operators and, of course, consumers. This will enable spot market sales contracts and futures contracts for professionals, facilitating their transactions without recourse to intermediaries.

For consumers, this innovation makes it possible to buy energy directly from professionals, again without the need for a network of intermediaries. Thanks to blockchain technology, all processes identified in the supply chain will be automated through the integration of smart contracts, allowing transactions to enjoy a high degree of security and transparency.

Switch UB intends to make a significant contribution to solving energy issues. Indeed, to promote the adoption of clean energy sources, an incentive mechanism will be established to reward producers that comply with the CO2 emissions target. In addition, the green energy production certification system will be introduced to the market, offering consumers the opportunity to verify that the manufacturer meets international standards.

SWU, international token for the energy sector

The SWU token was designed to be used in the supply chain of the entire energy sector: electricity, gas, telephony, water and fossil fuels. SWU is a multi-functional multi-chain token: it is both a payment instrument and a reward token that can circulate on multiple blockchains.

To ensure the effective use of SWU as a payment solution, a number of measures have been implemented: first of all, from August 1, the token will be listed on Bitmart (CEX) and PancakeSwap (DEX). In addition, payments can be settled in cryptocurrencies on the telephony/energy operator website (ETH, BTC and USDC) via Coinbase Commerce, and bill payments in SWU can be mediated by an in-house solution. The integration of new technologies does not stop there, as Chezswitch will very soon become the first energy operator to establish itself in the metaverse: the first store will be opened in Decentraland, and the land has already been acquired on Bloktopia.

In this way, SWU will become a key element of this green energy crowdfunding ecosystem: SWU tokens will be distributed to all participants in the chain, whether they are producers, consumers or energy suppliers. Another incentive participation system will be implemented with the rollout of staking on the platform, everyone will be able to choose the number of SWUs and the period (number of months) in which they want to stake their tokens.

DAO as a corporate governance tool

As mentioned above, one of the goals of the SWU project is to promote the use of green energy through a crowdfunding mechanism. To this end, a structure will be created as a governing body, which will take the form of a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization). DAO, as the name suggests, is designed to be automated and decentralized, giving decision-making power to an automated system and a collaborative collective process. The SWU DAO will be made up of community members who will be able to vote through their SWG Governance Tokens. Entities wishing to receive funding will be able to submit their projects, and resource allocation decisions will be made by consensus of the majority of network members.

By pursuing such a radical strategy in the energy industry, SWU will become a new platform for environmentally committed players with brand new features such as single token payment of electricity bills and financing of environmental projects. With its many assets, the SWU project will undoubtedly contribute to the optimization and transformation of a key sector of the economy.

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Disclaimer: This article is promotional in nature and does not constitute investment advice. Do your own research and only invest money that you can afford to lose.

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