The car burst into flames at 210 km / h on the N63 this Monday in the Somme-Leuze.

The accident claimed the life of one person on Saturday on the N63 near Somme-Leuze. Speed ​​is questionable. According to eyewitness testimony and initial findings, the Luxembourg-registered Mercedes AMG 63 was moving at high speed (ed. note – 180-200 km/h) when it took off and then rolled over several times. The passenger of the vehicle thrown out of the cab did not survive.

The police zone of Condro-Famenne, the federal police, the customs office and the tax office of the Wallonia region regularly carry out multidisciplinary checks on this national road. This Monday, from 6:30 to 16:00, a new major inspection was organized. “Recent tragic incidents show us that N63 is a critical place,” says Commander Jean-Pierre Decy.

One interceptor was installed on Rue Bas-Adam in Noiseux, but with control of both directions of traffic on RN 63.

For the radar set in the direction of Liège towards Marche-en-Famenne (Editor’s note: speed limit is 120 km/h), 3130 vehicles were checked and 398 immediate measurements were made. 35 motorists were detained, 5 of them had their licenses revoked on the spot for speeding. Maximum registered speed: 210 km/h. His driver was also under the influence of disqualification. The BMW X6 was seized by order of the Namur prosecutor’s office.

In the other direction of travel (ed. note: speed limited to 90 km/h), 421 immediate inspections of 6,794 checked vehicles were carried out. 16 motorists were detained. Maximum registered speed: 139 km/h.

Finally, 2 points for driving under the influence of drugs (marijuana), 2 points for possession of drugs (cannabis), 2 points for carrying a prohibited weapon (club and baseball bat), 2 points for using a mobile device while driving, and another one for having a problem with styling. carried out on Monday.

The ANPR cameras also made it possible to inspect vehicles that failed inspections, ran red lights, or had unpaid taxes.

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