The co-op adventure game we’ve always been here on PC, PS5, Xbox Series X / S.

By Stephanie Nonelli, Saturday March 13, 2021, 16:07 GMT

The collaborative adventure game We Were Here Forever was announced by Total Mayhem Games.

We have always been here It will arrive in Q4 2021 on Steam, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X / S.

In the latest entry in the We Were Here series, you can expect new challenges and puzzles with a new story and areas to explore.

The game revolves around cooperative puzzle solving through communication and observation. In it, you and a friend will explore areas of Castle Rock like King’s Keep, Night Cemetery, and more.

“Our goal at We Were Here Forever is to improve the cooperative gameplay that people love so much about the series, and it’s designed for a new generation of devices with Castle Rock that is more immersive, darker, and more dynamic. We Were Here Forever This is a big step forward, ”says Managing Director Lucia de Visser. On to We Were Here. In addition, this game will introduce new ideas about the puzzle of Castle Rock. One can’t help but wonder what happened to those explorers who were left behind. “

The games in the We Were Here series are a two-player cooperative puzzle adventure in which you take on the role of Antarctic explorers trapped in a jigsaw puzzle over the world of Castle Rock.

Here are more:

The players are separated most of the time, and each player will have to explore different areas, while solving each puzzle requires teamwork. Asymmetric puzzles give each partner different information, prompting players to talk to each other and find out exactly what information they have and how it might lead to a solution. You and your partner have nothing but your wits, a walkie-talkie, and whatever else you can find in your path.

The series currently includes We Were Here, We Were Here too, and we were here together. All three games debuted on PlayStation on February 23, following previous versions on Steam and Xbox. The original game currently free on Steam, and it has a very positive rating.

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