The Coalition (Gears 5) releases two breathtaking extracts of realism under Unreal Engine 5

Game news The Coalition (Gears 5) releases two breathtaking extracts of realism under Unreal Engine 5

Remember: on July 3, we announced that the studio behind Gears 5, namely The Coalition, planned to unveil a technical demo in the days that followed, which is July 20 during GDC 2021. Today, the studio shares two new test videos, including one dedicated to the Alpha Point demo.

The Unreal Engine 5 presented itself to us over a year ago. When it was discovered, we were amazed by the rendering and the incredible performance it promised us.. However, the engine continues to develop and is currently not quite ready for use by the entire video game industry.

While this new engine will bring some future games to life, such as Senua’s Saga: Hellbalde II, others are gradually preparing to begin their transition under it, like Fortnite. At the moment, the studios are only in their first attempts and are still trying to tame the beast.

As of GDC 2021, The Coalition gives us a new look at what the engine is capable of accomplishing in Xbox Series X. In a first video of almost 1 minute 30, we see a character that the camera sweeps, from the face to his equipment, to dissect the smallest details.

The second video, titled “Alpha Point”, takes us through ancient ruins until we come to a mysterious floating artifact.. The latter then causes the rubble around him to react in a ballet of light effects before ending up with a fade to white.

While very short, these two test videos are no less impressive when you take the time to examine the rendering of the smallest stone, the smallest root or even the slightest magical and incandescent effect. The first glimpses that leave us dreaming about the results that the engine will be able to post in the long term.

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